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Three Things Tuesday

Anyone who has ever been sidelined, whether by sickness or injury, knows it is a tough task to stay positive.  Not being able to work out and worst of all, not being able to run really has me down.  I have a bad feeling about my hip but until I know (getting an MRI either Friday, Saturday or Monday…waiting on an appt) I am doing my best to stay positive.   Depending on the news, I cannot promise there won’t be a “woe is me” post in the near future.  Let’s just hope not.

Therefore, in the spirit of positive thinking, this weeks Three Things Tuesday is focused on things I am looking forward to!

Spring!!!!!  They are calling for a “heat wave” this weekend- 55 and SUNNY!  Seriously, there has not been a day over 40 since the odd-ball warm week the first of December.  It’s March and Spring is on it’s way 🙂

Spring chicken 🙂

I love Daisies!

Shamrock Half-Marathon ♣  Whether I can still run this race is yet to be determined, and while that will totally be a bummer, I will not let it ruin the trip!  I am still very much looking forward to the road trip/mini-vaca with my two good friends, Colleen and Michele.  I have known them both since high school so we go way back!  I know that, no matter what, I will have a good time.  And if I don’t run, I will be waiting at the finish for my girls 🙂

Colleen and I at Prom-1999; we had identical dresses and purses (totally NOT planned) AND we sat at the same table!

Michele and I at the Y100 concert festival; 1999 (that is a pixie stick, not a ciggarette; Michele would never smoke!)

Phillies Season!! I love me some Phillies baseball.  I pretty much watch every game and I am like a dude the way I get all into it.  I am known for talking to the TV and cursing out the umps on occasion. 

One of my favorite Phillies shirts!


What are some things you are looking forward too?

What do you focus on when you are sidelined from working out?  How do you keep from letting negative thoughts take over?


22 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Looking forward to the Black Bear Triathlon relay with Little Tri Girl Jillian as our swimmer! Rest the running legs time to work on that swim for your big OLY!
    Go team TRI it Forward!

  2. i actually focus on sleep and clean eating when i’m sidelined with injury. and yoga if i’m able to do that. it sounds funny but i usually get to my lowest weight when i am NOT working out. and also am at my calmest 🙂

    i hope your MRI goes well and you are def doing a great job staying positive. hang in there. get some funny movies, too. i’m going to watch Step Brothers, have you seen it? elliot never watches movies twice and he said he liked it so much he will watch it with me again… !

  3. I am looing forward to spring too! I can’t wait to golf again – Sunday afternoons on the golf course with my hubby & Sophie are my favorites.

    Hope the MRI goes well!

  4. I’ll be praying for you girly.. hip injuries are a b!%(# and a half, and being honest, when I fractured my femoral neck I was definitely sucked wayyy deep into the negativity. Especially when I saw *other* people running, and I couldn’t. LOL. I pool ran my heart out, and actually maintained pretty good fitness during rehab!

    I’m looking forward to EASTER!! My favorite holiday of the year 🙂

  5. I wish it was going to be 55 degrees here this weekend! I am looking forward to the warmer temps when they get here finally!! Not being able to work out is tough. I would suggest keeping your self occupied with things like reading or crafts or activities you like. can you take walks maybe?? I used to walk around my apartment complex when I couldnt run because of my knee.

  6. You are having a heat wave:) I thought yesterday was wonderful at 38 degrees but 55 degrees would be better! Good luck with the MRI….I will be thinking of you:) I love the pictures!

  7. Yay, not only do I get a shout-out, but a pic as well! I feel so special. 🙂 Fingers are crossed that the MRI turns out okay, but like you said, even if you have to take it slow (or skip the run altogether), we’re still going to have a blast. Can’t wait!

  8. Thanks for the comment at my blog.

    As one who knows too much about hips these days, keeping it positive, while often a challenge, is key and knowing is what is going on will let you plan going forward. Good luck!

  9. If you do end up with bad news… write a “woe is me” post! Get it out, that will help. I’m keep too much bottled inside.

    It’s definitely hard to be sidelined. I’m not good at keeping my mind from whirring, but if you find other things you enjoy to keep you occupied during the time that helps.

    I need to find something to look forward to… just realized that I don’t really have anything on my radar to anticipate. How sad! 🙂

  10. If I am sidelined from working out for a short time I concentrate on getting some stuff done at work that I have a hard time fitting in. If I am sidelined for a long time nothing works! I am looking forward to running outside when I don’t need multiple layers!

  11. oooh old school prom photo. maybe we can still be friends afterall 🙂

    oh no about your mri situation! not cool. i hope it turns out with the best possible news.

    also 55* is DEFINITELY a heat wave. i mean how many days above freezing have we actually had since christmas? like 5? how many days has the sun come out? 2? 😉

  12. 1 – love the Spring Chicken
    2 – thanks for the non-cigarette clarification – LOL! Don’t need those rumors going around!
    3 – Hope your MRI shows nothing major, and a little bit of rest does the trick!

  13. Hope the MRI goes in your favor!! Oh my 55 and sunny-so jealous!! I am looking forward to the day after Boston! Fortunately, I haven’t been sidelined from workouts this year. I’m not the same person when I can’t, and I’m pretty sure my husband and kids would pay for it!! Hope you heal up soon!!

  14. I hope it’s good news @ the MRI. I totally get how hard it is to not be able to run the way you want to. You are smart to keep your focus positive and on future goals. I am looking forward to a warm trip to Mexico at the end of the month, tasting the banana bread that is cooking in the oven and celebrating my dad’s birthday tomorow. Have a great day…

  15. I’m also looking forward to baseball season…greatest time of the year! Go Cubs! I’m coming off a brief IT band injury, so I know how it feels to be sidelined…take care of yourself!

  16. Pardon me, but “FUCK!”

    I hate it that you have an injury!!!! I HATE IT!

    Ok, that wasn’t positive. HAHA! Well, I just hope your MRI shows nothing and that the doctor tells you to just sit it out and nothing’s serious, you know.

    I had my MRI on monday… it’s the weirdest thing!!! I’ll know tomorrow what’s the verdict.

    Anyway… something positive… Even though I won’t be running for a looo-hoo-hooong time, I’m very excited about trying new things and having all the free time to… read, I guess! It’s like a new life. My case is serious, though, b/c I’m definitely not doing anything running related for half a year. I’ll def be writing a woe is me post soon.

    Ok, that was a long comment 😀

  17. I love those pictures – very fun!!!

    I look forward to feeling better, spring, a trip to Atlanta to run the half, Boston, 5lbs lost to Boston, spring break. To name a few. I’m not too obsessed with running or anything.

    I’m probably not one to ask about staying motivated right now as I’m just frustrated :/. Hope you’re back to the road soon!!!

  18. Definitely looking forward to Spring!
    They forecast a bit of snow this weekend: Noooooooooooo! I’m done with that!

    You’re right that you still go on your trip even though you might not be able to run.

    I’ve had an injury a few years ago (happened during a Steps class) but back then I worked out maybe once a week so I didn’t miss it very much that I couldn’t work out.

    For me it’s difficult to stay positive right now because of a lot of negativity from co-workers at work. It makes me tired and I find it hard to keep myself motivated to workout or do other things after work. But I’m moving to another office next Wednesday which I won’t have to share so I’m really looking forward to that and I know I feel better very soon after that happened.

  19. I love that you are focusing on the positive! I think that is a great way to approach it. I am also looking forward to Spring. And daylight! And volunteering at races (you could still do that) and my family coming to visit in May. It’s so funny. My mom keeps calling me, randomly, all excited about the things she wants to do when she’s here.

    When I was injured, I felt good reading running blogs, like I was still involved with the community. But I struggled to keep my cross-training up 😦

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