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Cocktail Anyone??

I went for x-ray today.  And later this week (or by latest Monday) I will have the MRI.

So basically I have nothing to report, as I have zero answers thus far.


…I do have Vicodin*. 

Back off, it’s all mine.


*Trust me, the “woe is me” post will be much more entertaining if I am drugged.

16 thoughts on “Cocktail Anyone??

  1. Go easy there girl….lol!
    Hope you feel better. Guess it’s not looking like the Rutgers Unite is in the cards.

  2. Don’t jump ahead BZ- anything is possible, remember positive thoughts only. That race is 6 weeks away…who knows what’ll happen!

  3. My hubby had Vicodin when he broke his elbow last fall and boy, did it knock him out!! Go easy thats all I’ve got. sending you good wishes on that its all gonna be ok for race time.

  4. I had an xray even before I had PT, they found nothing. However, my pain only comes on by weight bearing activities, which just means that I am not supposed to walk or run. Sounds like your pain is all the time? If the PT doesn’t work for a couple of weeks, I’m supposed to have an MRI too. I hope they find something on yours!

  5. Ugh, waiting for results is the pits! I did like your positive post though! I am a huge baseball fan! Love, love to watch the A’s…and I am looking for a new team cuz they have been sucking lately – maybe the Phillies would be fun 🙂
    Hang in there!

  6. ugh, well i hope the xray and MRI come out well and it’s nothing serious. hey and in the meantime, at least you have PILLS!! enjoy, and oh that pic is hilarious.

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