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Will You Help Me Pay It Forward?

Unless you have taken a sabbatical from reading my blog (and why would you do THAT???) you know that I am onelittleinjuredtrigirl these days and therefore I am doing zero running.  Earlier this year, I joined Robin’s Pay It Forward 500++ mile club and committed to donate money for my running and biking miles.  (You can read about it here.)  The thing is, now that I am injured, I am not filling my jar.  And that makes me sad. 

This is where you come in!

Yesterday, when I read that two of my readers, Kandi and Rick were going to dedicate their runs to me, it really brightened my day.  And then I came up with a  brilliant idea!  My bloggies can run my miles for me while I am injured and I can donate money for the dedicated miles.  Inspired right?!?!?

So here’s the way it will work.

  • For every mile of your run that you dedicate to me, I will donate a nickel to my PiF jar.  I will do this for one week; beginning today and ending next Wednesday.  Think about it- for every 100 miles, $5 will be put in the jar!  My goal is $10, so I need 200 miles!
  • I have to know you did it, so make sure you leave me a note to let me know!
  • This is based totally on an honor system…if you tell me you ran the miles, I am going to take your word for it and donate to the jar.  I believe in honesty and karma 🙂 

What are you waiting for…get running!!!!!

30 thoughts on “Will You Help Me Pay It Forward?

  1. OK! I’ll do it. However, it’s 8:30 p.m. and I’m not running until tomorrow. BUT, I’m FIRST to comment!!!!! P.S. I do want payback when you’re running again. In other words, you’re dedicating a run to me. 🙂

  2. Jill,
    Just stepped off teadmill…yuck did 5 miles! You got them…. and Here’s even one better I will match whatever you donate to the jar this week.
    Come on fellow onelittlejill blog readers who’s in?
    Let’s make something good out of Jill’s misfortune.

  3. Hey, I’m suffering from gimp-itis and can’t run either. How about a bike or swim option? For example, 10 miles riding = 1 mile running or 800m swimming = 1 mile running or doing it by time (you get the idea). Also, you should see if the charity can set up a website in case anyone would want to donate on your behalf. Who knows, someone might?

  4. I dedicate the 4 miles I ran last night with Steven to you. Let’s say he dedicates his four too. That is 8 miles!

    And watch for some more later this week…

  5. You’re great! I’m glad I found your blog (via redhead). I’ll be getting out there this afternoon. I’ll be sure to stop back to report my mileage. 🙂

  6. Great idea Jill! I’ll dedicate my run that I have planned for tomorrow to you. Don’t know the miles yet but tell you when I get back.

  7. what a good idea girl! 🙂 unfortunately i have no miles to donate as i can’t run right now either… but if i am able to this weekend i will definitely run them for you!

  8. I ran for you today! Somewhere between 8 and 9K I was slowing down but then thought of you and kept going 🙂

    I did 10K which is 6.2 miles.


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