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Three Things Tuesday And The PiF Total!

Yeah, I know it is Wednesday.  But this is my blog and I make the rules :p

First thing-  ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

I celebrate being Irish every day 🙂 but for those of you who can only wish you were Irish and are celebrating today, I wish you a safe and happy celebration!  Celebrating today is getting me excited for this weekend- Shamrock Race and Celebration.  Well, just the celebration for me, but that’s okay! 

In my Q&A last week, Brian asked me a question that fit right in with my Three Things; he asked: 

If you could wake up tomorrow as any one of the following three, which would you pick and give us three reasons why?  1. A top ten female Pro Triathlete 2. A staff writer for Triathlete mag. or Runner’s World 3. A photographer for Ironman or Runner’s World

 To make this fun, I am going to list the reasons I would want to do all three, then tell you which one I would pick and tell you why the other two just wouldn’t work for me.

1. A top ten female Pro Triathlete- How awesome would this be?!?!  I would get to be sponsored, meet other amazing athletes (woo-hoo Chrissie Wellington and Andy Potts!)  and of course make a lot of money 🙂  Additionally, I could live in Colorado, train all day everyday and travel to world racing all the events I have dreamed of racing.  

2. A staff writer for Triathlete mag. or Runner’s World- This would combine my three favorite things…writing, tri-sports and traveling.  Plus, I would get to meet amazing people along the way.  Picking between magazines would be hard; I would want to write for Triathlete because of the diversity in the sports and plethora of information to write about but writing for Runner’s World would be amazing because I would work with Bart Yasso.  Tough call.

3. A photographer for Ironman or Runner’s World- Again, a job like this would give me such an amazing opportunity to travel and meet awesome athletes.  And I would be front and center at the finish line for all the great races!  And again choosing between the two would be tough; photographing the Ironman races would be great, but also limiting whereas being a photographer for Runner’s World would have much more diversity as far as places to capture.

So which one did I choose??  What do you think?

If you said #2, then you were correct!  Of course being a full-time Pro-Athlete would be awesome, but it really isn’t the kind of life I want for myself.  The opportunities and money would be great but I enjoy racing for fun.  And when it comes down to picking between being a writer and photographer, it really isn’t tough for me to choose.  Although taking photos would be fun I think I would get bored because photography is not a passion for me.  Writing  for a tri, running, fitness type magazine is definitely my dream job. 

Which of the three would you pick given the choice?

Now without further adieu…the PiF total for the week!

Miles Dedicated: 248.6

Money Raised: $12.43

Seriously, thank you to those who took the time to leave a comment dedicating their runs.  It feels great to be raising money for such a good cause and I really appreciate you giving me the motivation!  I will definitely keep all of you who gave the effort in mind when you need a helping hand or donation.  Hopefully I will be back and running within the next two or three weeks.  For now, I must continue to live vicariously through all of you 🙂

13 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday And The PiF Total!

  1. Another $12.43 coming your way as promised!
    P.S. I knew you would pick #2, as my Mom use to say you were born with “The gift of gab”!

  2. Like you, I would pick #2 since I am not sure how I could keep up the pro-athlete life. It would be fun to live a day or week like that and see what it is really like!

    So happy you raised so much last week!

  3. I think being a pro would be too intense for me. Being a writer would be too difficult for me. And I LOVE photography so I would definitely choose #3. I could totally geek out over fancy camera equipment and great action shots!

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers for all three! I would go pro. I think it would be so nice to be able to train during the day, have time to fully prepare well balanced meals, oh, and they have trainers and massage therapists!!

  5. look at that mileage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo woo!!! 🙂 i love it. and i loved your responses to the potential “in this person’s shoes…” it’s so fun to think about things like that.

    we had a super fun st. p day party at our house!!

  6. i like being irish every day, too!! except for when i have to wear shorts or a bathing suit and you can see my glowing white skin. pasty. lovely.

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