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Travesty…And A Little Good News!

They took away internet access at my work.  As the middle schoolers are saying W.T.F/O.M.G  This is supposed to be temporary while they get the student computers blocked, but right now it is the entire system.  FRIG!

Typically, I get to work a little before the madness begins and read blogs while having my morning coffee.  I also read blogs during my break time and sometimes at lunch.  Now…well, I have a feeling my reader will never be caught up.  That is, until they reactivate the access.

Gosh…I can hardly believe I lived the first 18 years of my life without Internet!


And for some good news…………..I am cleared to work out!

This has nothing to do with training.  I am not cleared to start training again and I have to be very careful not to confuse to two.  I am cleared to swim but only allowed to do arm drills and legs stretches in the water.  No kicking drills and no aqua jogging.  I am allowed on the stationary bike but no outdoor biking yet.  I can get on the elliptical for short periods and begin walking on the treadmill.   And about running…yeah, there is still none of that going on.  None.  Nada.  Zip.

But again, it is all about the baby steps.  I won’t lie, it is starting to really get to me.  It is hard to go so slow and even harder to be so off my schedule.  And it goes without saying that having to bag races sucks!  I have found myself feeling sorry for myself over the last week or so, but at the same time I believe in perspective and I constantly remind myself that it could be a lot worse and that I will bounce back from all of this. 

Thank you to my faithful readers, you have no idea how much your support means to me.  Your comments and personal emails mean a lot and are definitely helping me to keep my head up and stay positive!  Keep the good vibes a comin!  And while your at it, send some good vibes over to my girl Ulyana who is dealing with a much worse injury and facing surgery.  She is one tough chick and she is going to come back from all of this stronger and more awesomer!

And don’t forget…yes, I am going to bug you until Monday…VOTE for the Q&A theme on my sidebar!

22 thoughts on “Travesty…And A Little Good News!

  1. Talk about inspiring! There’s nothing better than you and your positive outlook and your willingness to reach out and inspire others that are worse off. Yeah, you’re working out!

  2. I didn’t know you worked in a school! At my school we have internet but they block our access to every site! I can’t even check my gmail account on my prep. So ridiculous.

    Congrats on being able to get back in the water 🙂

  3. I have to jump through hoops to check my gmail these days from work and this morning they had google blocked! WTF?! It’s a new adventure everyrday sometimes.
    I’m so excited that you can start working out again. Even if it’s not running, at least you can do something! You’ll be back to running in no time. 🙂

  4. I only read blogs when I’m at home but do use the internet at work to catch up on the Dutch woman’s forum that I’m active on too.

    I’m behind on reading blogs right now too but that’s because I want to read everything and give every one a comment because I love getting comments back.

    That’s good news, it’s a start but at least you will be able to do some exercising again.

    And no thanks for the support, you gave it right back to me after I lost my dog last week so … thank you for that!

  5. I should be thankful that my workplace is so flexible..even though its crazy super crazy!! trade-offs I guess 😉
    Good luck on getting back on the workout wagon. Start slow and easy and you’ll be back where you were in no time I’m sure!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I will be student teaching in a middle school in the fall–fun! Anyways, injuries are no fun. I had a knee injury back in 08 that the doctors kept telling me to not run with–it was so frustrating. Keep your spirits up and know that you’ll be back where you were in time!

  7. I get to school (work) early so that I can eat my breakfast and read blogs. I enjoy getting there early and easing into the day. Some people read the newspaper…I read blogs! 🙂

  8. I’m with Morgan, at least you can start moving again! Baby steps girly! You’ll be back in no time 🙂 I read blogs in the am at work too, and sometimes on my lunch. When it’s slow, I click over often during the day to catch up. I don’t know how I would survive work without the Internet – I might actually have to work! LOL! Have a good weekend!

  9. Ugh. If they took internet away from me I am not sure what I would do!

    I am so happy you can start doing some pool work. I hated it when I had my shin injury last summer. I did NOTHING. Your positive attitude is an inspiration!

  10. have you seen what about bob???

    “baby steps… into the elevator… i’m in the elevator… AHHHH!!” Hahahaha. i love that movie. i think it’s a love it or hate it movie, tho, but i’m a big bill murray fan 🙂

  11. Hi little Jill,
    Yes, you are cleared to work out!! This is great news there girl:)

    I hope that you have an excellent weekend!

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