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Swim Attempt #2 FAIL & Spring Break Love

In an effort to make up for Friday’s failed swim, I decided to go today.  And it failed. 

Two failed swims in three days. Crud.

Here’s what happened:

I get to the gym, all ready to swim and the pool door is locked.  Odd, I think to myself.  But then again, maybe they just forgot to open it and no one had been into swim yet. 

I go out to the front desk to ask the girl who is working hard has her feet up and is reading her cosmo and assume immediately that she attends school with this girl:

And this is the conversation that follows:

Me:  Can you have someone open the pool?

Girl: (Barely lifting her head) It’s closed.

Me: Closed?

Girl: (talking to me like I am her four year old sister) Yeah…uh, it’s Easter.

Me: So the pool is close because it is Easter.  WHAT?

Enter manager (who doesn’t seem to care that his employee is A- not working and B-rude)

Manager:  We sometimes close the pool on holidays because they are not high volume swim days.  This gives us a chance to do heavy duty cleaning.

Me: I see.

Here’s the thing-  I said “I see” but that was only because I was so bewildered by the whole thing.  Like, if they were a 24 hour gym I would understand…but they aren’t.  In fact, until May arrives, they close at 7pm on weekend nights…so why can’t they do the heavy cleaning when the gym is closed???  And I cannot even bring myself to think about the fact that they “sometimes clean on holidays” because in my cleanly opinion, there are too few holidays to consider that a (sometimes) good working schedule for cleanings.  Blech.

Luckily my workout wasn’t completely ruined.  I had planned to walk on the treadmill after my swim so I had my other workout gear with me.  I ended up walking 2.1 miles on the treadmill and doing 15 minutes on the bike.  The walk felt good…I kept it under a 16:00 minute pace and had NO pain.  This is a good sign my friends- hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to walk a solid hour with no pain.

Anyway….going to try AGAIN tomorrow for a swim.  Third times the charm, right???


So I might have said it one or two or twelve times, but this week is my Spring Break!  The weather has been amazing and is predicted to stay that way all week!  I cannot remember the last spring break that was this nice 🙂  I, as always, booked myself with things to do…I always claim I am going to just relax and stay in but I always end up taking on responsibilities and packing in plans.  I will say though, some of these plans are fun things and I am very excited! 

I go for a follow up MRI this week…da da da da da….judgement day.  I should know by Friday if I am cleared to run.  My chiro and PT both say I am making great progress and are very encouraging.  They both totally think I will be good to go so let’s hope they are right!  I am eager to get back to the roads for I have missed them. 


And in NCAA news….GO BUTLER.  


No DUKE fans allowed. 

11 thoughts on “Swim Attempt #2 FAIL & Spring Break Love

  1. My spring break is NEXT week…Glad you were able to get a workout in anyhow. You’ll probably go to the pool tomorrow and find out that the “Rocket Scientist” girl is the lifeguard! I’ll cross all my fingers and toes that your MRI goes alright. I’m rooting for Butler also. I’m a UCONN fan, and I despise the Blue Devils.

  2. I feel your pain on the pool thing. It is one of the most frustrating parts of training. Not the swimming… actually getting in the pool! I have a swim planned for tomorrow too. Here’s hoping (fingers crossed) that we are both successful!
    Great news about the walking! I’m sure you’ll be cleared this week for running again! Hope you had a Happy Easter!! Enjoy Spring Break.

  3. So annoying about the pool! Like you said, can’t they clean it at night and SHOULDN’T they clean it more often than a few holidays?

    If it makes you feel any better, I belong to 2 gyms at the moment (I got a cheap 24 pass to one of them) and BOTH were closed today. I celebrate Easter but I still have time to work out. Luckily the weather was nice enough for an outdoor work out.

  4. That Bulter game was so awesome! I almost couldn’t watch I was so nervous for them! i am so excited for the game tonight! I hope bulter wins!

  5. the games were AWESOME, well duke kinda ran away with it… but what a heartbreaker for mich st. anyway… about duke and butler… i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree 😉 hehe

  6. Enjoy your spring break! I took an honorary spring break (my roomie is a teacher) last week and it was amazing. I’m not too thrilled to be back at work this week.

  7. yea, the cleaning thing is a little disturbing. pools gross me out a little. we’ll be at the pool bar this week in jamaica and i know people will be peeing next to me. EWWWW.

    hope the mri goes well, fingers crossed!

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