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Three Things Tuesday & Swim Success!

Let the excitement begin… 

Spring clothes are here! I am finally putting away my winter clothes- I love this time of year!  I get so excited to pull out my capris, skirts and short sleeves!  I absolutely am in love with this weather…I have been lounging in my boxers and t-shirts all through Spring break and it has been nothing short of fabulous!

It’s Phillies opening week!  They won their first game yesterday- woohoo!  I am convinced they are taking it all this year…they have the best batting line-up and are going to be unstoppable.  I ❤ me some Phillies 🙂  And to make it even better, the Yankees lost their first game- yipppeeee!

The sun is shining!  Do I need to say more??  So many days of sun and the vitamin D is doing me well 🙂


And more excitement….

Third swim attempt= success!  I guess the third time is the charm!

I did quite a few leg stretches in the water…my chiro gave me a list of things to work on in the water, sort of like a warm up and I felt great.  For the rest of my swim I used a pull-buoy between my legs so as to not kick too much and focus on my strokes.  I would say the workout was a success!! 

A little story from the pool today:  About half way through my swim, I stopped to take some water and the guy in the lane next to me asked if I had my watch on because the clock in the room was wrong.  I had actually forgotten my watch today and we got talking about the gym, the pool and swimming in general.  His name is Brian and he bikes and swims daily.   Turns out…he is also an amputee.  I didn’t even notice his leg standing there, practically next to me on the side of the pool.  We contiuned to talk about races (he bike races), swimming and how people react/respond to amputees.  We also talked about injuries in general.  He was injured on a rescue mission when he was in the military.   He explained that he has to swim with a mask and snorkel because his balance is thrown off if he bilaterally breathes.  He told me about the doctor who told him “to take it easy and try not to overdo it” and how he decided then that he would not stop living but start living again.    We talked for close to fifteen minutes; normally, I am not one for gym conversation but Brian was so interesting and not the least bit focused on his leg.  It was really inspirational and I feel like maybe the reason I missed my other swims is so that I would be there today to meet Brian.  A little dose of perspective to remind me that it isn’t about the situation you are in, but how you deal with that situation. 





In NCAA news.  Duke won.  Cause the officials wanted it that way.  Clearly.  And no, I do not want to talk about!


14 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday & Swim Success!

  1. So glad you got your swim in yesterday! I got one in too. After being so frustrated with this training, it’s nice when it goes as planned!
    And even better, you got something special out of your swim today. How great is that?

  2. Excellent job on the swim and thank you so much for sharing your encounter with such an inspirational person! Definitely gives me the desire to push myself more in what I do every day.

    Yay for baseball season too! Love it!

  3. wahh duke wahhhh. you have been whining all over about that 😉

    awesome story about the guy you met at the gym!! love him, and i don’t even know him. i am working on my own sorta similar story, although my hardships are not as bad. just the overcoming-something-wrong-with-you-to-be-an-awesome-person-anyway part.

  4. What a great story about Brian. Some people just don’t give up and I admire them for that.

    My Spring/Summer clothes are in my closet for the last two weeks. Today I put away my winter coats. Now all I have to do is get my flipflops downstairs and I’m ready for Spring.

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