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Luckily, Unlucky

I did not get accepted into the NYC marathon today.


Seriously, I know a lot of people are disapointed they did not get in, but for me it is a relief!  I figured as much, given I only entered this year and I run at snails pace, but I was still a little worried.  I mean, worst case I would have defered to next year but I have plans for next year!  My whole plan when I entered was to keep my fingers crossed for a 2012 entry.  My friend Michele and I are both hoping to get in that year and train/run together.  And if we don’t get in for 2012…well, they have to let us in for 2013!

Are you entered?  Did you get in?


17 thoughts on “Luckily, Unlucky

  1. Three friends ran it last year. I tagged along to watch, shop and see NY. I was amazing. All three said what a tough course it was, but the crowd support is amazing.

  2. I didn’t get in either, but I am a little relief too. I think I want a few more flat marathons under my belt first 🙂 If I got in, I would have run it because that’s a lot of money to pay and not run it.

  3. hehehe. if i run more marathons i would like to do this one for sure. it’s crazy how you have to “apply”!!!!!

  4. I didn’t get in either 😦 I’m sorry you didn’t get in though because if you do get in you can always defer for a year if you aren’t ready. It is good you applied though. I can’t believe I got rejected 3 years in a row! Thanks for your good luck wishes though!

  5. Yay for being rejected! LOL. Looking for a lottery spot in 2011 (to defer) or 2012! NY is my favorite place ever so one way or another, I WILL do the NY Marathon in 2012 or 2013.

    p.s. Are you still looking for people to “donate” their runs to you for your charity running? If so, I ran a HOT AND HILLY 6.5 miles tonight!

  6. well you will get in eventually! NYC is such a good race – the city atmosphere/crowd is incredible – even when you run it sick like i did 🙂

    sorry you didn’t get in for this year but you will soon!

  7. No one I know got in! I entered way back in November before the injury and I too am glad I didn’t get in 🙂 Less stress of getting better and hopefully we won’t overdo it and get hurt again!

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