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The Road Ahead…

The MRI results will not be in until Monday.  Keep those fingers crossed.  And toes.  And anything else that is crossable.  Crossable??

I really feel like I am going to get the greenlight back to training (and I don’t want to think about not getting it) because other than some stiffness in the mornings after a tough PT workout, I feel really good.  On Wednesday, I threw in some jogging with my run…about a minute running for every ten walking.  I know I have a long way to go, and that I am basically starting over but I feel really good about getting back into training. 

If I get the okay to begin running again, I am going to think about jog/walking Broad Street.  It is 10 miles.  I cannot run it.  But is it worth it to just jog/walk?  I love the race, it is already paid for and I think it would feel good to get back out there.  Honestly, it’ll probably come down to the weather.  Nice weather I run…crappy weather I sit home and pout.  I know I cannot run 10 miles on what would only be three weeks of training.  I mean, I could…but I won’t.  I am going to follow that 10% rule like God will strike me if I push too hard!  Start slow…continue slow and eventually stop being slow! 

Whether or not I can run again come Monday…real training picks back up.  As for running…well, that is yet to be seen.  But…if I cannot run, I will spend that training time either walking/jogging or on the elliptical.  Back to consistent morning workouts and two-a-days.  Back to feeling great again!!!

In other news…I bought myself these babies yesterday: 

Oh yes, my first pair of cycling shoes!  I figure, since it is my third season of triathlon and I am becoming more serious about it, time for me to step it up!  I think I’ll try them out at spin class first and then work my way up to using them for a bike ride.  Don’t forget…I am not exactly a pro on the bike!


Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!  I am soaking up every last bit of my Spring break, that is for sure!

15 thoughts on “The Road Ahead…

  1. i can’t wait to have school vacations again!

    crossing my fingers, toes, and brain matter 🙂

    cycling shoes, huh! scary!!! 🙂

  2. I did the Disney Half in January waiting for the results from the doc on my injury. After the fact I’m still mixed if it was a good idea or a foolish idea. Yes, I finished but what did I really get out of it (besides a shirt and proving that I could do it)?

    Sending you good vibes on the report.

  3. If the race it’s already paid for, then just go out there and walk/jog and enjoy it. But only if you are able to restrain yourself and not let yourself be swept away by the excitement of the race environment and be tempted to run.

    Those look like awesome cycling shoes. Trying them out on a spin bike first probably makes a ton of sense so you can get used to clipping in and out so you don’t fall on the bike — which happens to everyone the first time lol What kind of pedals/cleats did you get?

  4. I’ve got everything crossed and sending good thoughts you way, hoping you can start training again.

    I agree with Kitzzy, if you can go out there and restrain yourself, might as well enjoy the atmosphere of the race. My mom is doing that same thing at the upcoming Race for the Cure here since she has been laid up after her knee surgery. I think you could have fun!

  5. If ya already paid for the race, you should do it, it might be good just to get back into the race scene to psyche yourself up for when you CAN run :). And those are some really neat cycling shoes, girl! They’ll make you speedy fast!! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hi little Jill,
    Hopefully you will get the good news that you want!! I am saying a little prayer for you:) Let us know what you think of the new shoes..they look comfortable and stylish!

  7. Great biking shoes!

    I would try the 10 miler, you can always step out if you can’t make it.

    I’m a nice weather runner too. I really need to get over that and also go when it’s raining or windy.

  8. I hope you get the green light!

    You should do the 10 miler (if given the okay) you can always say when if your body says that is enough.

    Nice shoes. Congrats on the first pair.

  9. I think run/walking the race could be a ton of fun! I am walking a race with a friend in May and super excited 🙂

    Love the new shoes! I hope I can get in to biking some day!

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