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Week In Review!!!!!!

Welcome new readers~ I have been doing a Week In Review since I started my blog, but because I was injured over the last six weeks I was unable to do it because well…I had nothing to review!  Even though I really didn’t do much this week, it is a lot more than I have been able to do over the last two months.  And I am so excited to ACTUALLY have a week to review!!!!  Yeah!

Week In Review; 4/5-4/11


Running- Uh, yeah…no.  But I did walk 5.5 miles total miles with some jogging mixed in 🙂

Biking- The only biking I did this week was at PT; two times both for 10 minutes which came to about 2 miles each time.

Swimming- Got in the pool twice this week.  Did 30 minutes each session of laps with no kicking.  Awesome arm workout!  Felt great to be back in the pool!

Strength Training- I am kicking butt in this area…doing an hour 2x a week at PT for my hip/legs/glutes and on my own I put in almost an hour of arm/chest work.

Cross Training- Little elliptical for about 15 minutes to warm up but that’s it for the week.

Abs Challenge- Every day….seriously.  Now where the f is my six pack???

Weekly High: Spring Break!!!!

Weekly Low: I ate/drank like it was Spring break!


  • The training doesn’t look like a whole lot, especially in comparison to my training this time last year.  But I know I have to be patient with myself as I continue to get better.  And when I think about the fact that just six weeks ago I was on crutches, I feel really good about how far I have come and how much I am doing these days!
  • MRI results tomorrow!!!!!!!

Life: I am 99% sure I am going to walk/jog Broad Street.  I know I can control myself from running because not controlling myself is what got me here in the first place.  So if the weather is nice, I am pretty sure I will be out there.  Thanks for all the advice!!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Springtime- we had a little surge of summer this week with 90* weather but I really do love Spring so I am happy to be in the low 70’s with sun for a while.
  2. Friends- I am always grateful for friends, but especially this week because I got to catch up with so many people over Spring Break.  During the week it is tough to find time and weekends are always so busy for everyone…a break is a great time for catching up and reconnecting!
  3. My job– I am thankful to have a job even if it isn’t something I love doing.  NJ is really being hit hard with unemployment in public schools and I know I am lucky to still be working.  Of course I would love to stay on Spring Break forever…and get paid 🙂

Quote of the week: “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.”


13 thoughts on “Week In Review!!!!!!

  1. Ohhh man I cannot even imagine 30 minutes of straight pull. AKA my least favorite activity next to folding laundry. 😉

    I will be sendin’ out a prayer for you tonight for good news from the MRI! You are doing such an awesome job at giving it the time it needs to heal, and for that I am in super-awe. I know that when this is over and done you’re going to be 10x stronger. And III will be 10x smarter!

  2. Nice job this week little Jill!! Fingers are crossed for good news from your MRI:) I love the quote….it is all about attitude…a good one:) I am going with the make us strong choice!

  3. Amen to spring break. You had a beautiful week for it! And good for you deciding to complete the run anyway, just don’t get hurt!
    Thank you for the quote it is just what I needed today 🙂

  4. I am hanging on dearly to the last few hours of Spring Break. It has been glorious, indeed! Now we can just push on through to summer, and we’ll be all set!

  5. Jill!
    So glad to hear you’re finally able to get back to it (a little) AND… more importantly, you’re respecting your (current) limitations. I’m so happy for you, girl! Hoping to get cleared by foot doc Tues afternoon and get back it, too!

    HUGS from Orlando
    robin/the turtle runner

  6. Yay for having a week to review again! Good luck on your MRI results!

    When I started swimming, I would only swim with a pull buoy. I am getting better and only use it occasionally, but now that I am learning to breath bilaterally, I feel like I am starting over and may start using it again so I can focus on the breathing and not worry about my legs until I get the hang of it.

  7. Hmmm I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that your six-pack is MIA due to eating/drinking “spring break style”. 😉 congrats on getting active again and hope the MRI results are good!

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