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Monday Brain Exchange Week 3

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: Lacey, Whitney, Kim, Kera, Kandi, Kittzy, Suzy, Andrea, Darlene, Jill and Silvergirl (If I missed you, let me know- sometimes links are funny and don’t work and I don’t want to leave anyone out!)

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Monday, I will post a question.  The questions will be set up to post for @ 6am E.S.T. to give everyone ample amount of time to post their own answers throughout the day.  (A few people suggested I ask the next week’s question in the current weeks post, so bloggers can queue up their posts.  I am thinking about it…what do you think?)
  • Questions will range all over the board as far as topics are concerned; from the sports themselves to nutrition to blogging and so on.  (If you have any topics/questions you think would be good, please feel free to email me!)
  • If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  You can play along any day of the week that works best for you.
  • Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.
  • Topic: Training

    Question: How do you train?  Do you use a schedule, have a coach or go with the flow?  Do you train alone or with group?

    I train differently depending on the time of the year and what races are on my calendar.  The only consistent thing, are my schedules.  I am obsessed with having a schedule and I have been known to rework and tweak and rework and tweak my schedule to the point of nausea!  OCD much???

    During the off-season, I am very go with the flow…my “schedule” is much more lax.  I pretty much swim and run when I want to and bike only during spin class.  Everything else just falls into place.  During race season however, I am very strict on my workouts.  I make sure to fit in 2 swims, 2 bikes and 2 runs a week on top of strength and cross training.  When I am training for a half, I insert a third run into the schedule.  For now, I have only trained for Sprint distance tri; this year will be my first Olympic tri so my training has been ramped up quite a bit in preparation.  Where running is concerned, I do not have anything more than a 10-mile race planned until my next half at the end of September.  Given my recent injury, I am going to take it easy on the mileage until it is time to train harder for September.  I have never had a coach, but I won’t lie…it is something I am thinking about investing in for next season.  It will all depend on my financial situation but I have some big plans and I think I would really benefit from some coaching.

    As for training alone or with a group, I almost always train alone.  This is due in part to my schedule; I am usually at the gym very early and prefer morning workouts.  It is also due in part to the fact that no one I run with, lives very close to me.  I like running with a group and have partaken in some group runs but I also really like running alone.  For me, it is a matter of convenience.    If there is a group training or group ride/run, I am all about it but if not than that is okay too.


    19 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 3

    1. I train with a schedule. I plan my workouts 4 weeks ahead in my calendar and try to stick with it. Right now I’m not on a training schedule for my running, just run different distances between 5 and 10K.

      I workout alone in the gym and I run alone. Like you I don’t have friends/family nearby that run but I do like working out/running alone. Especially running with music on and just me and my thoughts.

    2. Finally arrived on time to participate in your Monday Brain Exchange and, of course, it’s a question that has a super-boring answer from me. I haven’t run a race in more than a year, so I would not technically call my running training per se. Next week I’ll try again.

    3. I training mostly by myself. I usually go with the flow unless I have a long race, then I follow a training schedule. If there were more runner locally I would join in with a running group to help on longer run and for some movtivation when mine is lacking.

    4. I think you and I are similar in the aspect that we both like to have some sort of schedule whether we are training for something in particular or not!

      I started swimming with the adult gators swim team here in town and love that aspect of being pushed by others – inlcuding coaches. Plus, the workouts are written up for us, so there’s not much more to it than doing it! 🙂

    5. I agree with you about training- I usually do it alone because it’s hard enough to work my schedule so I have time, forget about trying to correlate with someone elses 🙂

    6. I always like a schedule but then I need to give myself permission to switch it up whenever I want. I train with a group a track and with others on my long runs, mostly my husband!

    7. I have thought a coach too, but I know my hubby would never, ever see that as a good use of our $. We definitely have different opinions. 🙂 I like a good schedule for marathon training, otherwise I just do my thing.

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    9. I would like to try to answer these in my Sunday posts… I am not sure what you mean about the queue. 😉

      I kind of miss working out alone. I am kind of sick of coordinating. Shhh 😉

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