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Three Things Tuesday

I lied.  I only have two things.  But as always…my blog, my rules 🙂

MRI results:  There in!!  And I got the greenlight!!!  WOOOOHOOOO!  Here’s the deal:  I can begin to work myself up to running again.  I still have to ease into it; I have to continue the walk/jogging…adding more jogging every time, but my doctor thinks I should be back running within the next two weeks!  He still advised against spinning and pilates for now given the intensity level but I am okay with that.  I can swim, get on the stationary bike or take a leisure bike ride outside and get back to running!  I will finish my PT program which still has four more weeks.  At the end of that four weeks, I should be cleared for everything!  And I will continue to get ART and Graston done to keep my muscles strong even once PT is done.  I never, EVER, want to deal with this injury again!!!  Thanks for all the crossed fingers and toes and all the well wishes!!!

Calling all Boston runners: I am getting so excited for all of you!!  I really wish I was going to cheer everyone on (next year, for sure!) but trust me, I will have it streaming at work and I will be cheering for you from here!  I am putting together a special post for you AWESOME runners, so please…if you are running Boston, let me know!  And don’t forget to tell me your race number so I can follow you 🙂

28 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. Boston….yeah right! It’s on my bucket list, but figure I’ll need to wait till I’m old and grey…oh wait I’m already there…lol! Oh you know what I mean ha ha!

  2. Great news! 🙂 I love the title of your blog. Finishing IS winning! I’m glad you stopped by my blog, I’m excited to see how things turn out for you this year. 🙂

  3. Hi little Jill,
    Yippee for green lights!! This is fantastic news!!

    I am glad that you asked about everyone’s Boston bib numbers…I would also love to follow the super studs progress:) I am getting so excited for everyone that is going!! I wish I could go and cheer them all on:)

  4. SOOO happy for the green light, that’s the BEST news ever!!! Be careful when you start back up, we don’t want a repeat!

    As you know, I’m struggling with how to run Boston so was hesitant giving my # out for fear anyone thinking how pathetic I am. But I’ll give it to you…but you gotta promise you understand the situation and how my head’s a huge mess and I may not be running hard. K??? It’s: 18646

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement, you’re so awesome!!!

  5. Jill, what website will you be streaming the race from? I doubt it’ll be televised down here, so even though I’ll be home, I’ll probably end up watching on the computer too.

  6. yay!! glad the mri came back clear 🙂

    umm i am “running” boston but i have no idea at this moment what my bib number is haha. i’m so slack at planning/getting ready in advance…

  7. SUPER exciting news on the greenlight! I’ve been there and it’s the best feeling ever to start running again…even if it’s just like, a mile. My bib in Boston is 15964! I can not wait!

  8. hooray!!! glad you got the green light 🙂 and yes to biking!!! a great way to sweat 🙂 i’m looking at stationary bikes on craigslist, cuz i watch so much darn TV i should get one and be productive at the same time 🙂

    can’t wait til boston! i’m not running but i’ll be out there 🙂

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