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Blogger Adoption Day

Today is Blogger Adoption Day.  A day set aside for bloggers to tell their own stories about adoption and/or a day to get the word out about adoption in general.

For the record-

-I am not adopted.

-I have never adopted.

-I am not currently adopting.

But I know people who are adopted, who have adopted and who are currently trying to adopt.

One person who is currently trying to adopt a baby girl from Russia, is Denise’s sister Jeanette.  I do not personally know Jeanette, but I have been lurking her blog for a long time.  And I have been reading Run-Denise-Run since before I became a blogger.  If you are not a follower of Denise, I recommend you read her awesome blog…but I really urge you to read this post and also to head over to Jeanette’s blog to read about her plight to adopt a baby girl.

Right now, thanks to a less-than-human-being who sent back her adopted son on a plane BY HIMSELF, Russia put a stop to all adoptions as of today.  You can read the story here.  And you can help by going here.  It takes less than two minutes to fill out and sign the petition.  Do it for Denise.  Do it for someone you know.  Do it because one day you or someone you love might be in Jeanette’s shoes.  JUST DO IT!

Do you know anyone who has been adopted or who has adopted? 


14 thoughts on “Blogger Adoption Day

  1. I dated a guy who was adopted. He had two adopted brothers too. He was so lucky to be adopted into such a loving and well off family.

  2. Blogger Adoption Day? Never heard of it before.

    But I am adopted! My birthmother was young and made the decision before I was born. I’m with a great family now 🙂

  3. I know lots of people adopted and have some friends who have adopted – I think it’s such a great thing!! Have a great weekend, girl, I don’t think I’ll be able to be in touch before I leave! Hugs!!

  4. Oh man, when I heard about that woman returning the adopted kid… well, let’s just say I was full of many emotions. WHAT THE CRAP, you know!

    I don’t know anyone who adopted/is adopting/was adopted… I think it’s awesome!

  5. My twin brother and his wife adopted a baby girl three years ago after going through years of heartbreak. Adoption is a wonderful thing:)

  6. Adoption is a wonderful thing 🙂 I talked to my wife about adopting a little girl, but she isn’t too excited about having another kiddo in the house at our age 😦

  7. HOLY CRAP!!! you are awesome. thank you so much for supporting my sister and our family. you really don’t know how much the support means. i’m so far behind on reading blogs since we just got back so i didn’t know you posted this. i’m sending it to my sister right now. i can’t thank you enough.

  8. Thank you so much for the support! I had no idea how many lurkers I had out there 🙂 There have been times when I felt like I was running out of steam with this adoption, but then there are people like you who pick us up off the ground with such amazing support! Thanks a million!!!!!

  9. Hi, hi! I didn’t realize that such a day existed, but thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

    I know a few adoptees (a recent development–we had to seek each other out), as well as families who have adopted children or in the process of adopting themselves. It’s a very interesting triad, I must say. I can’t say that I really approve of all the ways in which it is handled, but I am happy to be adopted and can’t (obviously) imagine my life any other way!

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