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Not A Fan Of This Kind Of Rice…

I have made serious efforts not to become political on my blog.  And I hardly, if ever, talk about work.  Today both of those things are going to change (but don’t worry, only for this post) because yesterday…

…I got my RICE letter.

RICE letter:  A letter informing employees that their names and positions within the school will be discussed for demotion or termination.

As of February 2007, the statute requires that the public be notified in advance of and be allowed the right to attend meetings of public bodies, and that all discussions and official actions, unless specifically exempted, take place in public.  The intent of the Legislature, in enacting this law, was to eliminate secrecy in public affairs which would undermine the faith of the public in government. The statute allows the public to witness the deliberation, policy formation, and decision-making of public bodies.

So basically, all I know right now is that my name is in the hat.  Along with many others at my work (eleven in my building) who are teachers.  We have already cut five employees (which is low in comparison to many schools) and now we have to cut more.  The BOE meeting is next Thursday but they don’t have to give us answers until May 15th.  Normally our administration is really good about not making us sweat things out, so hopefully we will know by next Friday or the following Monday at the latest. 

And get this…in my district, we presented a zero tax increase.  ZERO!!!  And the voters still said no.  And you know why they said no???  Because Chris Christie told people that if their districts weren’t taking a pay freeze, do not pass the budget.  And without bothering to educate themselves or even READ the notice that went home talking about their zero tax increase they came and voted no.  Because they are convinced that by voting no, they are helping Chris Christie stick it to the man.  What they do not realize, is that the wrong people are being punished.  Bigger class sizes, lack of individual attention, no after school activities or sports and music & arts all taken away.  You know who gets punished?  The kids.

This is happening all over NJ.  In every school.

I would like to send a big F.U. to Chris Christie!

I really do not want this to be an open forum for any political battles.  I respect both sides of the political spectrum when parties are informed and educated (this does not mean regurgitating FoxsNews) but this is not the place for those arguments. 



All I ask is that you keep your fingers crossed for me, my co-workers and the hundreds of others who are up against this same wall.

Oh, and if you can read this…thank a teacher.

25 thoughts on “Not A Fan Of This Kind Of Rice…

  1. both of my parents are teachers and ever since i understood the hoops teachers are put through i have known i will never be able to be a teacher. they should be paid double what they are paid and given incentive to be the best teachers they can be. for the kids. my dad is such a great teacher and he makes me so proud- he has been a middle school math teacher for 36 years!!! 🙂

    your state’s situation makes me so mad. as a student i was able to play on sports teams and be in art club… all for free. i see kids now who can’t play on a team b/c they can’t afford the uniform they have to pay for, or maybe there isn’t a team at all. i hate it.

  2. Oh, I could go off, but I won’t and I’ll just say that totally sucks and I hope it comes out ok for you.

    And my sister’s a teacher! 🙂

  3. Fingers crossed! My roomie is a teacher and her school (and the entire county) is experiencing similar cuts. Her school has already cut at least 3 teachers and she was nervous for a while for her job. I guess they still have time to make her involuntarily transfer to a new school, but so far so good! Keep your fingers crossed for her as well!

  4. It’s happening in CO, too, and I am for sure cut from a few hours next year. This on top of a very touchy situation with my husband, who has been unemployed since forever. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, girl! HUGS!!!

  5. Hi little Jill,
    Well that just sucks:( I am sorry and hope everything turns out for you! I will say a little prayer for little Jill:) Hugs and love:)

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can’t believe we’re both facing a similar situation. I teach in Illinois and our state just cut 17,000 teachers. I was one of them. By some miracle, I was offered my position back. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep praying for you!

  7. Oh my God I am so sorry. Definitely thinking and praying for you. You know how I feel about the situation…you just have to keep thinking that everything happens for a reason…

  8. Being a parent of two kids in the NJ school system, I voted for our local budget. We got soundly defeated because of the highly publicized increase to our property taxes.

    I don’t blame retirees on fixed incomes on fighting this tax increase. But I still can’t help but feel bitter.

    Good luck.

  9. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you. My poor kids would be entirely illiterate and severely academically challenged without the awesome teachers they’ve had thus far! If they relied on me they might be good runners but they couldn’t read..lol! Best of luck with this whole situation. Also, thankyou so much for your encouragement and support with your comments. Truly meant so much to me!

  10. I haven’t a child in the NJ school system anymore but I still voted yes because it’s a matter of paying it forward. My child received an excellent education here because people did approve budgets as she progressed through the system.

    Without that education, this blog would not be nearly as well written as it is because it is my daughter, Jill, who benefited from that education.

    How intelligent and well rounded will future generations be if we don’t continue to educate and support our children?

    We can pay now… or we can pay later.

  11. Ugh. I have no idea what the politics are there, but I have my fingers crossed for you!

    My mom’s school is closing down this year and she is being moved somewhere new. This has happened to her a few times.

  12. All I am going to say, is that making cuts in our schools is not the way to go! Best of luck to you and those you work with. Thinking of you all and wishing for the best.

  13. This is happening all over and it’s such a tragedy for teachers, kids and famlies. I’ll be hoping for the best for you! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. In my selfish snit, I forgot about you and your trials and just thinking about you and your situation set me straigt. I’m so sorry.

  14. My fingers and toes are crossed for you, for sure!!!! I was just reading a little about the whole NJ situation and, man, what the heck?!?!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  15. Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I will never understand why funding education is tied to property taxes and voting. Education is as important as having safe infrastructure and police/firefighters, etc. IMO. I feel your pain (we have stupid Tim Pawlenty over here in MN pulling the same b-s and Chris Christie!!!)

  16. Girl, let us know how it goes!! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for you. My hubby’s a teacher. My job’s in Cali, his job’s in Texas… Grabing onto whatever we can get, even if it’s states apart. I really hope you keep you job… cuts are scary.

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