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Three Things Tuesday

Short and Sweet today!

1.  Thank you ALL so much for your support in regard to my job.  I know that many people have jobs that are in jeopardy and my situation is nothing new.  I also know NJ is only following the footsteps of other states who have already done similar cuts.  But when it hits this close to home…when it is my state, my school, my friends…when it is me, there are no words to describe what that feels like.  The meeting is Thursday.  Hopefully we will know then…otherwise, its two more weeks of waiting.  Fingers crossed…

2.  I have only three more PT sessions before I “graduate” and even though I am so thankful that I had so much help getting better…I cannot wait for it to be over.  PT is an hour from my work, it lasts for an hour and is a half hour from where I live.  I am looking forward to having five hours a week back!

3.  As I said Sunday, I decided not to run/jog/walk Broad Street.  The truth is, I’m just not ready.  The furthest I have ran at one time is 2.5 miles and I just don’t know if I could even walk 10 miles.  The whole reason I was going to participate is because I am so bummed about having already missed two half-marathons but I think it would upset me more to be on the course and have to go so slow.  So no Broad Street for me. 😦

21 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. But she’ll be jockstrapping for her Tri club at Broad Street. Jillian rocks!
    (I’ll let you explain that one to your readers)

  2. If your PT sessions are anything like mine, I do not envy you (or your two hour drive). My last one is tomorrow. We’re almost on the same schedule!

  3. Hey Jill!
    Funny term, “graduate.” My PT Melissa said the same thing to me today. I “graduate” this Thursday. Smart move not to do Broad Street. Being sensible and patient sucks, as you know, but for us runners it makes sense, as you also know! Between you and I (and whoever else is nosy enough to read this), I have a co-worker who’s going to teach this 53 year old how to swim in exchange for me teaching her how to run. Yes, you may now laugh! BUT, hopefully I’ll be able to try my very first “tri” this year. I know you’re anxious to say something witty on my blog, so I’ll be posting later. Be patient, and maybe you’ll be first. By the way, Rachael’s dead to me…she stopped commenting on my blog. My Garmin’s name is now “Jill.” Congrats!! 🙂

  4. Wow, Rick was sure harsh on Rachael’s blogglessness…wouldn’t want to hold out on him, would we?! I met him in Boston and he’s the best guy and his wife is a total delight too!
    I think you always make the smart choices for yourself, being patient is always better for your body. Hang in there…

  5. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with job insecurity. It’s so stressful! I hope that you get some good news on Thursday.

    Taking things slowly and building up gradually will be worth it in the end. Congratulations on your pending graduation!

  6. So sorry to hear about the job insecurity. Hopefully things will get figured out soon! Congrats on almost finishing/graduating from PT! That is great!

  7. I think you are making the best decision both physically and emotionally regarding the Broad St. Instead why not go out there and spectate!? Make some fun posters!

    We have a lot of catching up to do, you free some night this week to chat?

  8. Hi little Jill,
    Wow, you just have three more sessions until you officially graduate from PT:) This is great news…progress! I hope that everything turns out as it should with your job issue. You are still in my thoughts girlie:) Good luck to you!

  9. Sorry about Broad Street. I really want to do that race someday. Maybe I’ll join you for it next year!

    Is it officially Three Things Tuesday or Three Things Thursday? Or does it not matter?

  10. smart girl on broad street – even though it sucks and you are disappointed, you made the right choice. no point in hurting yourself or setting back recovery from it right?

  11. i’m sorry about broad street. 😦

    i’m dealing with a tear in my achilles right now and am suppose to run NJ on sunday. not sure what’s going to happen.

  12. Just getting caught up on everything!!!
    Ugh, I am so sorry to hear about the job situ, but I’m sending lots of good vibes your way and know that you are a super strong person and you always do well 🙂
    And way to make the smart choice about Broad Street – your body will thank you. Sometimes its hard to see that not running now will ensure a long running relationship in the future – good luck girly!

  13. I’m cheering you on no matter what decision you make in regard to Broad Street… I would have cheered for you if you were still doing it, and I’m cheering for you for being honest about what your body is ready for and what your mind is ready for. Kudos to you!

    Job stressors suck… I’m in a weird state of limbo at work for the next couple months. I’m supposedly being moved to a new department with a new boss, but I don’t know any of the details except it’s happening by July 1. It’s weird. My sympathies and I hope for the best for you.

  14. We all make the decisions to race or not based on how we feel, glad you didn’t feel pressured into doing it if it weren’t right for you right now. There’ll be others :). Happy Wednesday!

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