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Came across this quote and it really fits for me at this point in my life:

“On days you feel like you are dragging yourself out the door, take a moment to remember how lucky you are that you are actually able to go for a run (bike, swim) at all. And think about those who had to overcome odds beyond our imagination to get back onto their feet.”

When I think of my hip flexor and what a huge deal it was/is, and how hard it has been to work my way back to where I am, I think of all those who have come back from so much more.  It puts everything into perspective and I am able to quickly refocus.  Here are a few people that come to mind:  April Holmes (she is from NJ, her accident happened right down the street my my college), The Hoyts (seeing them run at Shamrock was a life highlight), Scott Rigsby, Jim McLaren (these two guys have the worst luck, and each went through their own personal hell but they came back and they did it with the best attitudes).  Click their names to read about their amazing and inspirational stories.

It’s all about perspective…

-3 miles might be your short run, while to others it is a long run

-the half-marathon is a dream to some and the marathon a dream to others

-you may never walk in a race, but others may depend on it

-your slow at 9 minute miles might be someone else’s fast

It isn’t how you get it done…it is about having done it!

It’s all about perspective…

Seriously though…Finishing really is Winning!!

20 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You’re absolutely right, it’s all about perspective. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been getting more of that (perspective) this past week than I’ve received in a long time. Apparently, it’s long over-due. Cheers, my friend!

  2. AWESOME post. i needed that…off to PT right now thinking Sunday might not be in the cards for me. there are a lot worse things i could be dealing with though, so I am grateful.

  3. I love this post and I’m definitely going to remember the quote you started with as I struggle lately with my running.

    Good post Jill!

  4. Great post! I’m a little behind on blogging reading right now but I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to hear about your job. I hope money ends up coming at some point during the summer for you guys. I’m a teacher too and I see the same things happening all around me, it’s terrible!

  5. so very true!! i try to not complain about my bad/slow races because i know there are others out there who would love to have my time. we can all always be faster, we should definitely just enjoy where we are and our abilities! we’re all strong 🙂

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