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April Review

The monthly review features stats for work-outs, an up-to-date goals assessment and a fun little meme.  If you missed it, you can read January here and February here.  I was injured and ate a lot in March, so no need for a review there!  And if you don’t care, that is cool too.  I am a Type-A numbers person so this is mostly for my own good. 

The Stats:

Swimming: 3 times a week all month for a total of 5hours and 25minutes.  Swims are a mix of timed 400’s and 800’s and different drills and include a warm-up and cool-down.  I have been progressing nicely and am most proud of my swimming this month!  Grade A+ 

Biking: 24.3 miles.  All on the stationary bike.  I am still not allowed to take spin class and haven’t taken my bike out because every chance I get the weather gets in the way.  Grade B+ 

Running: 7.2 miles.  This is HUGE since there was zero running in March.  I also walked 7.6 miles as well.  I am very happy with this all things considered!  Grade A

Cross-Training:  40 minutes on elliptical.  Honestly, there just wasn’t enough time this month with all my ART and PT appointments.  Had to get in the quality workouts and cross-training just fell to the way-side.  Grade C-

Strength: 5.5 hours which is due in most part to my PT sessions.  30-45 minutes of PT is based soley on strength training and combining that with what I am doing at home adds up.  Woo-hoo!  Grade A+

Goals Grades/Assessment:

  • Stretching- Between PT and at home, I am a stretching maniac! Grade A+
  • Abs Challenge- Some weeks were better than others but overall I am pleased. Grade B
  • Pilates- Not allowed due to injury  N/A
  • Up The Mileage- Not possible due to injury N/A
  • Two-A-Days- Only a handful, but the more I pick up my running, the more of these I will have. Grade C+
  • Eating Consistent- I consistently ate like I was still working out like I was before my injury.  I got back on track this past week but mostly I feel gross. Grade D
  • Budgeting Food- Doing very well with this.  Still eating out more than I shoud, but I am food shopping and packing lunch on the regular.  Grade B+
  • No Soda- Not a one since Dec 31st!  Woo-hoo!  Grade A+
  • No Scale- I weigh myself about once a week.  It is awful but the scale is right there and I cave now and then.  Grade C

Overall Grade B+ ;  Given my limitations, I am very happy with the month of April.  It was both physically and emotionally challenging but I got through it; I have no doubt that I will be back to new in May 🙂

And the meme to make things fun-

Current Read: New RW came in the mail yesterday! 

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure: Honestly, I don’t think I have one currently

Current Colors: Yellow for the sun 🙂

Current Obsession: Flip-flops…tis the season

Current Drink: Coffee, Iced Tea and Water.  Not a whole lot else.

Current Song: Over by Drake.  I jam out to that like the white girl I am!

Current Wish-List: A place to use my bike trainer…I am starting to think it will be on my front lawn!

Current Need: A nap

Current Triumph:  I’m running again!!!!

Current Goal: A 5k on May 15, would like to finish in 12/minutes miles.  Amazing how goals change given circumstances.

Current Blessing:  Some days, I think everything is a blessing.

Current Indulgence: Mr. Softee

Current Excitement: Phillies game on Cinco De Mayo!!

11 thoughts on “April Review

  1. “I once took second in my age group at a 5k. Of course, there were only two people in my age group…”
    I think there was 3 runners in my age group when I finished 2nd in my group!
    Mets 9, Phillies 1…Ha-Ha!
    Glad you’re running again, and it’s going well. I’m seeing a lot of posts lately about running and “fun.” Nice to see people get it!
    I’m not deeply religious, but I totally agree with you saying that “Some days I think everything is a blessing.”
    Have a great weekend…we so have to meet sometime. I like you! 🙂

  2. Hi little Jill,
    Oh happy days…Jill is running again:) I love my flip-flops too! If I could only get my daughter to stop stretching them out…she has her dad’s wide feet:) Good for you with the no soda! I wish I could be as strong as you…I cave:) Happy weekend!

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