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In Lieu Of A Review

Honestly, who wants to be bored with a Week in Review when I just posted a monthly review in my last post.  Not me, and I’ll go ahead and assume not you.

In lieu of a review I’ll give you an update of the past week and catch you up on all things stressful in my life.  Bet you can’t wait.

Weekly Ups-

  • 4,000 meters of swimming; a mix of warm-ups, cool-downs, timed 400’s and 800’s and drills.  Every single swim was quality and I feel super strong in the water right now!
  • Two runs (jogs), less walking than the week before.  Let the healing continue 🙂
  • I got my book in the mail from Amy and Tom from Runner’s Lounge.  They sent them out to some readers for a review; I was honored to be asked and I am excited to begin reading and reviewing! 

Weekly Downs-

  • I am still not allowed to attend spinning classes or pilates.  They are two of my favorites and I really miss them. 
  • I did not run Broad Street :sigh:



  • Job- They moved our Board Meeting to this Thursday.  They weren’t ready, as they had thought they would be, this past  Thursday when the meeting was originally scheduled.  This, by the way, is not a good sign.  Fingers. Toes. Crossed!
  • Hip- I think I aggravated my hip a bit today; I was in charge of taking the team cooler to the tent spot for our team and I missed it…ended up walking close to four miles…all while dragging the cooler.  My arms/lats are killing me but it is my hip I am worried about.  Definitely doing extra stretching tonight!
  • Blogging- I somehow got WAY behind on my GoogleReader; I know I have been a little MIA and I apologize.  I hate having to wash out days of reading but it is the only way I will get caught back up tonight.  Do you ever clear your reader?

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I know many of you were racing (it is a huge weekend for racing) and I am looking forward to your race reports!


7 thoughts on “In Lieu Of A Review

  1. I have divided the blogs I read in two: favourites and others. The favourites I always read and comment on most of the time.

    The category others I sometimes mark as all read if I’m too behind on reading.

    Needless to say that you are definitely in my favourites.

  2. I am excited you are jogging a bit! Does that kind of make up for no spinning?

    I do have my fingers crossed for you 🙂

    I once cleared my entire reader. I felt really bad but then stress-free after I did it. It was just too full!

  3. I sometimes declare “blog bankruptcy” and mark everything as read. I never feel guilty about it, either. Hope the hip is feeling a little better now.

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