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Brain Exchange Week 6- Motivation

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: Kera, Suzy, Kitzzy, Kim, Andrea, Darlene and Whitney

Here’s how it works:

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  • Topic:  Motivation

    Question:  What/Who motivates you?  What do you tell yourself when you are struggling?  How do you keep going when it is too cold, too windy, too hot, too humid, too early, too late, etc…?

    I am motivated by my success.  I am motivated both by those who believe in me and by those who don’t.  I am motivated by the results I see after a hard workout.  I am motivated by the t-shirts, the swag bags, the medals and the food. 

    When I am struggling, I remind myself that I love how I feel when I am done with a workout.Of course there are days when I would rather sleep in, or stay up late at night or just veg all day.  But at the end of those days, I always wish I had done something more.  I usually find myself saying things like “I should have gotten up earlier” or “that was one too many margaritas” or etc.  But I can tell you this…there has never been a day when I say to myself, “I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym today” or “I wish I hadn’t gone outside for that run” etc. 

    When it comes to dealing with elements or time conflicts, my no fail plan is to have a plan.  I live and die by my schedule.  And if it does fail, then I say okay and move on.  And I start again the next day.  But the truth is, it almost always works if I plan ahead.  For example, I go to the gym 3-4 mornings a week.  To keep myself motivated to go, even though it is super early, I pack my bag the night before and lay out my clothes.  This way, if I try to talk myself out of going, I actually have to unpack my bag.  That thought alone cause enough guilt for me to just get up and go.  And as far as weather is concerned, I try to work around it.  On cold days I run in the sun and on hot days I run really early or after the sun has gone down.  And if either extreme is too unbearable, I simply take it to the gym.

    It is not always easy.  And it not always hard.  But it is always worth it. 

    And in the end, I think what it comes down to is this:  I am ultimately motivated by the idea that I could be someone else’s motivation.

    12 thoughts on “Brain Exchange Week 6- Motivation

    1. Love it…great your last line.
      Reminds me on something I saw last week…it read “Aspire to Inspire before you Expire”
      sure you inspired many at the Broad Street run yesterday, way to cheer us on and thanks for dragging the team cooler to the tent…YOU ROCK!

    2. This is such a timely question because I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning, but I got out there and ran 3 miles even though I almost quit after 2.5 lol Sounds like we are very similar. I too get motivated by results, my training schedule, and being someone else’s motivation. I’ll make a post on my blog later.

    3. Hi little Jill,
      This is such a great question!! I am motivated by races on my schedule and running with my running group. I also love running when the day is beautiful and the weather is perfect:)

      Have a great day Jill!

    4. Great post! I am motivated by all those things. During races, I also feel a burst of motivation when I know my baby girl is waiting for me at the finish line. 🙂

    5. I’m also motivated by races on the calendar, and results that I’ve seen, or others have noticed. My family, friends, bloggers — couldn’t do it without them either 🙂

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    7. Jill,
      What an awesome post – from beginning to end, especially the end! Thanks for these ‘words of wisdom,’ friend! 🙂

      Now, I’m off to bed for that early morning run! (Hitting all of my odd days in May, as planned.)

      HUGS from Orlando!

    8. Interestingly enough, I wrote a post about what motivates me yesterday morning before seeing this question. I talked about about my motivating factors have evolved and become more pure. Feel free to check out the full post…bit.ly/d40mxz

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