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Three Things Tuesday

I have decided this is my last Three Things Tuesday.  The fact is, I am over it.  I already have a Sunday and Monday weekly post, and I am finding that come Tuesday’s I am really struggling to find three simple things to write about.  I think I would rather use that time to work on longer, more in-depth posts.

So…moving on…I felt an appropriate theme for this weeks Three Things, give it is my last would be…

The last time I…

…updated my blogroll was back in the fall.  I noticed the other day that it was full of blogs that either A- haven’t been updated in months, B- I no longer read and/or C- have moved to new links.  And furthermore, there were so many new blogs I have been wanting to add!  So I bit the bullet, took some time, and finally updated my blogroll this morning on my break!  It feels so nice to be organized and up to date 🙂  Ah, to be so Type-A!

…had the triathlon jitters was in August.  With Black Bear only a few days away, they are starting to set in again!  I am racing the swim portion of a relay.  The water temp as of today is 64*….HOLY COLD!!!  And since it is raining today and supposed to rain tomorrow, my hopes are not high for a warm front to come through and give me warmer water!  And I won’t lie…I am scared to death of getting in the freezing water.  I know I can swim the distance, that is not even a concern…but can I swim it frozen?

…felt truly relaxed was on my vacation to Aruba in 2007.  This time three years ago I was packed and ready for seven days of bliss.  And it was.  And I miss it.  I have been on vacations since, to the shore and mini-weekend ones here and there but I think I am well overdo for a truly relaxed getaway.  Think I need to get planning on that soon!

*Don’t forget, Thursday my Pay-It-Forward give-a-way closes.  Not too many entries so you have a good chance!!!

12 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday

  1. I’m finding it difficult to blog more than twice a week, and even that is becoming challenging. Life just gets in the way and frankly, no one wants to keep reading about me whining…haha! I just can’t keep up with more than two blogs/blogger so wouldn’t want anyone to do more for me. I do need to get Yvette’s RR up though, hopefully tonight. I need to update my blogroll, I think I have people on there that don’t even exist.

    You’ll get swimming so speedy fast that you’ll warm up so fast, cuz that’s what you do, swim fast :). Happy Tuesday!

  2. With that nice new wetsuit you’ll rock it!
    If this untalented swimmer did it in that feezing water way back when it was a half you’ll kick butt!
    See ya there!

  3. I know what you mean…that’s why I do my three on Thursday (when it suits me). I hope your new blogroll is better now that it is updated. I need to clean mine up too. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I love keeping my blog roll up to date. I am totally type A too.

    We also went to Aruba in Nov 2007 and we were so relaxed. I have struggled to find that feeling since!

  5. I can’t remember the last time I was truly relaxed. It’s been at least 5 years. AT LEAST… so sad.

    I’m cheering for you on the swimming! I still get jitters before every single race.

  6. i have SO MANY blogs in my blog roll i had to take it off because it would take forever to load 😦 so sad haha. yours looks very nice!

  7. LOL. i hear you on the blog roll. mine was sooo dated too (and ridiculously long). i recently updated mine and decided to “sort” runners based on where they live. it’s still long, but i actually deleted like 1/2 of them!

  8. I haven’t updated my blog roll in FOREVER! I really should do that! But i use google reader so its hard because I just add the blogs into the reader and off i go!

  9. I’ve updated my blogroll when I launched my new website, you’re still on it and happy to see I’m still at yours 🙂

    That really sounds like a cold swim to me. Brrrrrrrr

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