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Busy, Busy, Busy…Ice Cube Swim and Give-A-Way Winner

Mish-mosh post 🙂

I am soooooooo busy these next coming weeks, looking at my calendar makes my head spin!!!  I actually love being busy, and I have a lot to look forward to but when I look at it all together I start to wonder how I am ever going to get everything done!  I really think June is the busiest month EVER!  So far June is packed with a 7th grade trip to Great Adventure, 8th grade trip to Dorney Park and the 8th grade dinner dance all of which I chaperone.  I also have a bridal shower and two weddings.  And I still need a dress (I HATE dress shopping…HATE) for one of the weddings.  (No, I cannot wear the same dress to both.)  I have a 5-mile race, I’ll be in A.C. for a friends birthday one weekend and the next weekend I’ll be volunteering for a tri.  Whew.  Exhausted just typing all that!

But let’s back up…May isn’t even over yet.  I still have a race this weekend in the Poconos, Memorial Day Weekend festivities and a tri that I am volunteering for!  And speaking of my weekend in the Poconos…water temp is currently 58!  58!!  HOLY COLD WATER BATMAN!  I have a neoprene swim cap which will be a huge help but my wetsuit is sleeveless…ouch!  And although my friend is bringing me her long-sleeved one, I think I would rather freeze than panic.  I just don’t feel comfortable in the long sleeves.  Oh, and I never knew they made neoprene booties, but apparently they do because one of my teammates asked me today if I had a pair or knew someone my size who had a pair.  I was like “I don’t know that many people my size or anyone that owns neoprene booties!”  Let’s just hope I don’t turn into a horizontal ice cube. 

After tomorrow morning, I am off until Sunday.  I’ll be back with a Black Bear race report, M.B.E, P.T. update and another post griping about The Biggest Loser.  So stay tuned 🙂

Now…for the winner of my Pay-It-Foward Give-A-Way!  I entered the participants into the Random Generator and the winner is…………

 LARA @ Saturday Morning Zen

Lara is paying it forward to her sister.  Her sister is going through a tough time and making a big decision in her life; she is new to running and finding it (as most of us do) to be her sanity.  I really wish I could afford to pay it forward to everyone- I loved all your thoughtful stories and wanted everyone to win!  Lara- email me your sisters name/address so I can get the subscription out to her!

That’s all for now…hope you all have a great Friday and fun weekend…anyone racing??

10 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy…Ice Cube Swim and Give-A-Way Winner

  1. Wow you ARE busy busy! Sounds like lots of fun things to come. I personally LOVE dress shopping so I hope you find something cute out there! Have fun with it, try on different stuff that you might not usually go for…I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Good luck on the race!

    I know what you mean by busy. May and June are always busy months for me too but am glad I can say that except for a few meetings at work all of the other things are going to be fun.

  3. Hi little Jill,
    Holy crap….you are just as busy as me!! What are you going to be doing at the Tri when you volunteer? I was just e-mailed by someone wanting to know if I could be a bike catcher at an upcoming Tri.

    Take care of yourself Jill:)

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