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Monday Brain Exchange Week 9- Summer Racing

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: KeraDarleneWhitney, Kitzzy, Kim and Kandi


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    Topic:  Summer Racing

    Question:  What are your summer race plans?  Are you trying anything new this year?  What race are you looking most forward to?

    I cannot wait for race reason to officially get underway.  I know this summer is going to be hard on me as I work back to pre-injury self, but I still have a lot planned.  Just yesterday I completed my first Olympic distance swim as part of a relay (race report coming soon!) and I have an Olympic planned for July which is a first as well 🙂

    As for summer, it looks like this:

    June:  an 8k on the 5th and maybe a 5k later in the month…I am so busy on the weekends with weddings and such, racing is taking a back seat in June.

    July:  a 5k on July 4th, a Sprint on the 11th, an 8.4 mile run (part of a relay) on the 17th and my first Olympic on the 25th.  Holy racing month!!!

    August:  a Sprint on the 1st, a Sprint on the 21st  a 5k on the 25th.

    I get excited for all my races but the race I am looking most forward to is Philly Women’s, by far one of my favorite races.  I am also looking forward to NJ State but I am also very nervous to do my first Oly.



    Next weeks topic: Lessons Learned

    Next weeks question: It goes without saying that anytime you challenge yourself, you learn something.  What are some of the things you have learned on your own personal journey through fitness, whether it be from triathlon, running or just simply training? 

    17 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 9- Summer Racing

    1. personal resolution! do this this week! i can’t believe it’s already week 9! you’ve done a great job with every topic and i love how you’ve added the next week’s topic. where are you getting all your ideas from?? i love it! i promise promise to remember to do this this week 🙂

      i am right there with you as far as pre-injury self and where i’ll be in a couple of weeks. hopefully recovered??? there are so many races i would liek to do and i’ve already made a long list… early summer there’s something every weekend if you want to do that much! it’s crazy how the races have exploded. soooo many to choose from all the time. i’m reading so many race reports and am super jealous …

      happy monday!

    2. I’ve got a two races on back to back weekends in early June and then no more races until August….I try to use July to “rebuild” for the second half of the season…

    3. You’ve got some great race plans this summer! I’m still putting things together, but I for sure am doing my first ever tri on Jul. 25th!

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    5. Well, I am going to start training for my first marathon next week! I have a few half marathons in the mix and I will fill in other races when I can:)

    6. Summer plans are in the works! New running coach, half marathon in July, training for NYC all summer and lots of little 10ks and some 5ks. I’m getting a little excited…the fun starts in June.

    7. I only have one race on tap for the warmer month, Freihofer’s Run For Women on June 5. Since I don’t like it when it’s hot, I try to avoid racing when it’s summer.

    8. I’m going to do the next monday’s, the one about lessons learned, right up my alley… I’ve been wanting to do this exchange for like a million years!!!! I just read your responses, haha!

    9. i need to hire someone to make my ‘race schedule’/season. i completely suck at it 🙂 i just sign up for races when they fit in with my schedule… not necessarily when i am in prime shape for them, lol.

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