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An Award For Me :)

I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by Kim @ Somewhere in the Sun 🙂


 Now I am supposed to tell you seven random things about myself:

  1. I am really not the girly type; I prefer boxers and a t-shirt and don’t wear a whole lot of make up.  But I care a lot about my nails.  A Lot.  Like, paint them every week get mad when they break kind of care a lot.
  2. I can use any conversation and/or situation as an opportunity to quote National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
  3. Bandwagon riding a team annoys the crapola out of me.  You either are a fan or you aren’t a fan.  For the record, I am a fan of the UNC Tarheels and Philadelphia Phillies.  There are other teams I like, but those are the teams I am a true fan of!
  4. I prefer tulips over roses.  In fact, I prefer almost any flower over roses.  And I prefer a simple card over flowers.  And I prefer it all, not on a holiday.  I think it is so much cooler when someone thinks of you on a random day of the week, rather than a holiday when they are told to by corporate America.
  5. I watched the movie Beaches over and over and over for days at a time when I was little.  And I would listen to my Bob Seger record (yes, record) on repeat pretty much whenever I wasn’t watching Beaches.
  6. The students in my school did an Awards Assembly for the staff, and I got the Funniest 🙂 It made my day that the students see me that way!  Especially cause I am also known to be pretty strict.
  7. I used to be close to obsessed with Gwen Stefani.  I loved No Doubt and was listening to them long before Tragic Kingdom came out.  I feel like she sold out when she went “pop” but still love the old stuff.  And I  love seeing live bands that have a girl as the lead singer.  In my next life, I want to be that girl.

I am supposed to Tag 15 people, but I waited so long to do this, I think most people have gotten it already.  To avoid re-tags how about this:  if you were tagged before but haven’t gotten to it, consider yourself tagged again and do it 🙂  I love reading these and learning randomness about people; they remind me of the endless surveys my friends and I would do when MYSPACE first came out.

Tomorrow is Friday everyone!!!  And the weather in the NorthEast is slated to be FABULOUS!!!!!  I love Memorial Day…3-day weekend, picnics, parades, sun and more sun! 

Do you have any fun Memorial Day plans?

9 thoughts on “An Award For Me :)

  1. I love your random facts! I definitely haven’t seen it as much as you, but Beaches was one of those movies I saw a lot growing up. That, and Overboard.
    I’ll be heading up to Doylestown, PA for a wedding on Saturday and then relaxing the rest of the weekend. Possibly a cookout on Monday and some running.

  2. No roses for me either! So over played!
    I love that you can quote Christmas Vacation as much as me…I don’t know why more people don’t see the value in that movie! You can’t see the lines, can you Russ?
    No big MD plans for me, running a 10K (blah) on Saturday but that’s about it!
    Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  3. LOL, I’m like you – not the girly type — except I don’t care about my nails. I did paint my toenails this morning, though.

  4. oh my gosh no doubt brings me back to middle school memories…

    interesting list!!! do you really wear boxers? did you ever wear those “coed” boxer shorts? they were a fad/popular wayyyy back… do you know what i’m talking about? maybe that was just me 🙂

    anyway– i’m going to have to aplogize, i don’t think i can do MBE at the moment. i do want to jump back in. but i don’t have a lot to say about running at the moment and doubt i’ll be running anytime soon. 😦

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