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What A Fraud!

(UGHHHHH!!! I just wrote a long, detailed post, and (how, I don’t even know..) it deleted.  It is gone!  Poof. UGH!!!   There is no way I could recreate my post, nor do I even want to at this point.  So what you are getting is a much more condensed version (perhaps that is a good thing) of what I origionally set out to write.)

I watched The Biggest Loser for many seasons; I understand the inspiration part…I really do, and I like seeing the transformation.  And I think it is great that people change their lives through hard work.   However, I also think it gives the public a disturbed view of weight loss.  Much of what they do is unhealthy and unrealistic.  And it is pretty much one big commercial for their endorsement deals.  And don’t even get me started on the marathon bs they pull (if you want to read about that, go here for a good post). 

But this is not about the Biggest Loser.  It is about their trainer, Jillian Michaels.  Jillian constantly preaches about “there not being a magic pill” but low and behold….whatta ya know…Jillian Michaels has a line of calorie control, fat burner and weight loss pills. 


I am confused.   I thought Jillian promoted 100% natural way to weight loss.  I thought Jillian believed in doing it 100% on your own.  I guess when you are making bank on endorsements, you change your song and dance.  Sounds like a sell-out to me…

(I found a high volume of articles that advise against taking any of her pills and also found a bunch of articles in reference to law suits being filed on her by people who have had problems with the pills, but I didnt want to clog up my post with links.  If you are interested, simply google Jillian Michaels pills.)

What are your thoughts on a certified trainer (especially one that people look up to nationally) promoting diet pills?  What are your thoughts on BL, Jillian Michaels and diet pills in general?

20 thoughts on “What A Fraud!

  1. You know, I love TBL and I love Jillian. However, I, too, find her diet pills disappointing and I wish she hadn’t started up with that. I try to ignore that part, but it’s really hard. It does seem hypocritical… ARg.

  2. i would very much like to read about the marathon bs, but i am unable to find the link…what is the link? thanks!

  3. Ugh, she drives me bonkers! And you’re right, she says, “there’s no magic pill” like a zillion times a season! I hate liars, especially ones that get paid!
    And not to sound vain OR rude! But…I also don’t like it when I go to the gym and the personal trainers are…well, NOT FIT! WTF? How can you give advice if you don’t even adhere to it yourself? Sheesh! Givemeabreak!
    Okay, enough ranting. Have a great weekend!

  4. YES, i too am a huge biggest loser fan. i love the inspiration, the idea of getting healhty and changing your lifestyle.

    but jillian and these pills is wrong and i really am shocked she is doing it. she is going to ruin her rep.

  5. I completely agree about Jillian, but Bob seems to be on the up-and-up. I often “judge” those celebrity trainers by the supplements they endorse. I would not buy anything she’s selling.

  6. i thought it was hilarious. first things first… i’ve never been a biggest loser “fan” – i watch it if my roomie has it on, but i wouldn’t flip to it on my own. i also am not “against” it at all… i just am pretty indifferent.

    i do get that the people on BL actually have to put in hard work. LOTS of it! so when i saw these advertised with Jillian as the spokesperson, i thought – hmm.. that’s a GREAT message to send out. =/

    diet pills, quick fix cleanses, the crazy exercise equipment that’s “as seen on TV” – it’s all dumb to me. like the sketchers shoes that “tone your thighs and burn extra calories” – it represents a trend in americans that we want to have a return without needing to put in any work.

    which I equate to as: LAME. the end.

  7. It actually just makes me sick to my stomach. Ever since her “products” came out, I stopped watching BL. I can’t believe she’s doing it, and don’t even get me started on her new show that she’s doing. Puke!

    She just bugs me, the way they incorporate products in the show bugs me, and the whole BL show just bugs me. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.

  8. Can’t watch TBL but read a lot about it on blogs.

    I don’t like it how they make people believe that we all can lose weight so fast. Ordinary people like me don’t have a PT 24 hours a day and all the help we can get.

    I’ve also heard about the pills and in my opinion it’s not done when you promote exercise for a healthy lifestyle that you would promote also those pills.

    I have her Shred DVD and I do like that. As a PT she’s great in my opinion.

  9. Oh before I forget: my website is offline for now. Having problems with my webhost that I’m trying to solve. But will be over the weekend before it’s back online.

  10. I love watching the transformations on BL but honestly I agree it really is bad. I mean they are having you lose weight too quickly and its not that healthy. I just always think about an medical drama, probably greys anatomy, I saw a few years ago where a woman came in to the hospital. They couldnt find out what was wrong with her and then figured out that she has lost weight too quickly so she was anorexia or something. oh well, its TV, nothings going to be perfect.

  11. i haven’t lost a post yet (knock on wood) but i have lost comments 😦 of course always when they are long ones! boo.

    i feel the same way about this. she was all hardcore (appearing) and i liked her but then… yeah disappointing.

  12. Hey Jill!
    I read this post in my BB the other day, but needed to get to my computer… bummer about being disillusioned about JM. I’ve never particularly liked her methods, attitude, or persona, but was willing to at least listen. When she was featured in Women’s Health mag, I bought it to read. Her statement: she wants to be the next Oprah. She WILL be the next Oprah. Hmmm…. I totally understand promoting yourself, wanting to be successful, and being passionate about being healthy, but…..

    I think she’s crossed the line and the diet pills are a reflection of that. If one can’t be ‘real’ and succumbs to commercialism at whatever cost to fans/viewers/PEOPLE, then please – SHUT UP and GO AWAY.

    I personally like the other TBL trainer much better… his softer approach appeals to me. But hey, what do I know? I’m a pushover for kind words and positive reinforcement. But that’s just me. 🙂

    HUGS from Orlando!!!

  13. She’s become a “biggest loser” in another way. She’s a sellout. Period. Also, I hate how the show has become advertising for so many products.

  14. Ugh, I just don’t like her!!!! I didn’t find her motivational before, and I’m not surprised she’s now endorsing these pills. What-evah!

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