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Monday Brain Exchange Week 10- Lessons Learned

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: Stephanie, Kim, Kitzzy, Whitney, Andrea, Darlene and Kandi

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  • This weeks topic: Lessons Learned

    This weeks question: It goes without saying that anytime you challenge yourself, you learn something.  What are some of the things you have learned on your own personal journey through fitness, whether it be from triathlon, running or just simply training? 

    One of my first ever posts, was a “What I have learned” post.  Those lessons, the ones I learned in my first year, are definitely the ones that I hold truest, but there are many more that I have learned since then along the way.  And I have learned them through training, running, triathlon, injury, blogging…almost everything seems to be a lesson in some way or another.  I could go on for days, but here are just ten of the lessons I have learned in the last year…

    1.  A PW can still be a PB.  One of my worst times last year, was also one of my favorite races.  It doesn’t always have to be about the clock.

    2.  The earlier I work-out, the better I feel.  And the more motivated I am to be productive throughout the day.

    3.  Having an injury taught me more about myself than I could have imagined.

    4.  I run faster, longer and stronger when I run with a friend.

    5.  Continuing to eat like I had been while injured, was not the best thing I could have done for myself. 

    6.  Drivers are not keeping an eye on me, so I have to keep an eye on them!

    7.  No two races are ever the same…neither are any two work-outs.  I try to be prepared for anything.

    8.  Some people are never going to learn how to properly do a snot rocket.

    9.  Having a PT, who is also an Ironman finisher has given me more confidence in my recovery than anything else.  She gets it…and I trust her.  Trust between a PT and a patient, is everything.

    10.  It is so easy when I want to, and so hard when I have to!  Some days I get right out of bed, have a great work-out and feel awesome.  But I don’t always love every swim, bike, run, workout, etc.  The thing is, I DO always feel better at the end of the day having done the training. 


    Next Weeks Topic: Summer Fun and Training

    Next Week Question: With the warmer weather brings BBQ’s, vacations and summer holiday fun…how do you manage a balance between training and fun?

    11 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 10- Lessons Learned

    1. You have some good ones. I totally agree with 2 and 10! I will do my own post later in the week. I just published my race post in which I hope I learned something. I will think about what it was and write later!

    2. Hi little Jill,
      This is a great topic! What have I learned from from running?

      1.Always make sure that you do the training before attempting a long race. I learned the hard way…my first half marathon was painful:)

      2. Always make sure to bring fuel along for anything longer than a 10 mile or half! I learned the hard way:) Yes, again!

      3. Don’t ever drink the night before a race….ever!

      4. Don’t go out to fast for the first part of the race! You will have nothing left for the finish:)

      I have so many more but these are the first four that came to me:) I hope that you are having a nice weekend!

    3. How did I get so behind on your blog that I missed TWO Monday Brain Exchanges?! You’ve certainly been busy and I agree with your rant. I used to listen to Jillian Michael’s fitness show on an LA station and remember her advice against “magic pills.” Very disappointing.

      But very delighted to hear about your race report and see that you are getting so much sun these days!

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