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The May Review

The Stats-

Swimming:  14,000 meters.  Swims are a mix of timed 400′s and 800′s and different drills.  They always include a warm-up and a cool-down.  I killed it this month in the pool!  Grade A+ 

Biking:  21.7 miles.  Got on the spin bike a few time and went on two outside rides.  Grade B

Running: 13.9 miles.  I am increasing my mileage steadily and getting faster with each run.  I finally feel back to my pre-injury self.  Grade B+

Cross-Training: 8 miles of walking and 50 minutes on elliptical.  Now that I am back in full training mode, I am having a hard time fitting in the cross-training.  Grade C

Strength:  3 hours and 40 minutes.  Did very little of this outside of PT sessions.  I need to seriously pick it back up!  Grade C-

Goals Grades/Assessment-

  • Stretch More- I am a stretching machine.  I don’t even think of this as a “goal” anymore, but rather something I just do.  Grade A+
  • Abs Challenge- SLACKER in this department.  My PT kills my abs and I use it as an excuse to be lazy the rest of the week. UGH!  Grade D
  • Pilates- N/A until June 🙂
  • Up the Mileage- Back at it…10% rule and I are like BFF!  Grade A
  • Two-A-Days- Love these and have been doing them once or twice a week.  I am happy with that.  Grade A
  • Eat Consistently- I am really really really trying.  Grade C
  • No Soda- I had one soda this month (so one total since Jan 1) as part of a mixed drink at the Phillies game.  It was called a seven-inning stretch and it was filled 1/4 way with Sprite.  It was yummy, and only a small bit, so I didn’t (and still don’t) feel guilty.  Grade A-
  • No Scale- I am back to weighing myself a few times a week.  It is right in the bathroom and too much temptation. UGH!  Grade D

Overall Grade B;  I am happy with my May training but really looking forward to picking it up in June.  Now that I am close to being done with PT and virtually living and training pain free, I am really beginning to feel like myself again 🙂

And a Meme:

Current Book: Just finishing The Ultimate Runner by Amy and Tom from the Runners Lounge.  Stay tuned for a review.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  Dad camp is the saddest, most ridiculous show in a long time.  And I cannot stop watching.  These dudes are proof that any idiot can have a kid (but you need a license to fish??!?!)

Current Colors: Yellows…I love summer! 

Current Obsessions: counting down to the last day of school for students! Get em out…I am so ready!!!!

Current Drink: Iced Coffee

Current Song: I have been listening to all my old school Dr. Dre, Biggie, Jay-Z and Method Man.  Back when hip-hop was good!

Current Wish-List:  Aero bars for my bike! 

Current Need: More hours in the day please!

 Current Triumph:  Did you see that May swimming???  And those miles?!?!  Woo-Hoo!

Current Bane of my Existence: Idiot parents at my school!!!

Current Goal: To swim, bike and run more in June than I did in May.  I got this!

Current Blessing: Freedom

 Current Excitement: Last day of school for students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “The May Review

  1. luv that music list you’ve got up there..and I wholeheartedly agree. And great job on your month, too

  2. Yay to May swimming!! You rocked it! I love your overall grading system…I should get ambitious and do something like that. But I won’t. Haha. Have a great week, girl!!! 🙂

  3. nice work!! I wish i was a better swimmer…guess I can’t get better without actually doing it right?!! June is gonna be rockin’ for you! I’m working on the whole cross training thing as well as you saw. thanks for the comment:) You go Girl!!

  4. And btw – You just inspired me to keep track of my monthly totals. I just did May, but went back and looked at totals since Jan and hopefully this’ll help me stay on course:) Thanks!

  5. way to go on your may grades 🙂 a few D’s in there that you need to pick up in “summer school” but i’m sure you’ll continue to improve all around 😉

  6. Love love love this breakdown, especially the grades!

    Great job on your swimming this month, you are kicking booty on that one! And stretching! I’m a stretching F for sure.

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