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Happy National Runners Day!!!!

I went for an early celebration run last night, 4 miles at the river with my friend Kate.  Can’t run today because I will be in Great Adventure all day with the 7th graders.  Supposed to get up to 90* and be super sunny…I think all the walking I will be doing there counts as quite the workout!

How are you celebrating National Running Day???


16 thoughts on “Happy National Runners Day!!!!

  1. 2nd! I wasn’t going to run, since I ran yesterday, it’s going to be 90 degrees, and I have P.T. today. Now I feel obligated to run! Perhaps I can dog a 3 miler…LOL. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, or I’ll be calling you “Lobster Lady!” 🙂

  2. No – walking does not count. Is it it National Walking Day – I think not. You can do speed work between the rides!


  3. this is the 2nd blog that I have read that its national running day. I am giving myself an “F” for the day for not knowing! I went for a bike ride this morning….oops!

  4. I did an early celebration too and will get one later this week…but today with my schedule not going to happen 😦 I bet you can’t wait for summer to get going!!

  5. yay for national runners day. i love it. i think all the walking you’ll do totally counts. as for me, tempo run! also, looks like you’ve been having a great summer so far, as always, i’m behind and just catching up!

  6. I didn’t know it was National Running Day until this morning, I can’t believe I let it escape my notice this year. I ran quite a bit last night so I probably won’t be running today… but I’m running in my heart!

  7. Ah National Running Day. I won’t be celebrating it by running, unfortunately. I hurt my hip on my last couple of runs. 😦
    And I keep thinking about your hip injury. I’m so glad you are running again! There’s hope.
    I’ll go walking. That’s close.

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