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Week in Review; 5/31-6/6 & 8K Race Report

Week in Review; 5/31-6/6

Monday: Off work which made my day 🙂  I love three-day weekends!  Went for a leisure 5.5 mile bike ride with my mom and two of her friends. 

Tuesday: It was a two-a-day!  AM workout- 1400 meters in the pool.   400 with buoy, 800 meters timed, 100 meter kick-set and 100 meter cool down.  PM workout- 3.8 mile loop with my friend Kate at conversation pace.  I love this loop because it is mostly shaded and on the water!

Wednesday: Technically a rest day…except for the fact that I walked for 6 hours around Great Adventure while chaperoning the 7th grade trip.  Eleven 7th grade girls.  Six hours at Great Adventure.  Sounds like a workout to me!

Thursday: Elliptical and PT.

Friday: 1400 meters in the pool.  Timed 800, 400 meter with buoy, 100 meter kick-set and 100 meter cool-down.  I did NOT want to workout Friday…I did not want to get up, get out of bed, get ready or go to the gym.  Even once I was there I did not want to get in the pool.  But I did anyway.

Saturday: Scott Coffee 8k.  See race report below.

Sunday: Much needed rest day!  Spending the day in Philly at the pro bike races with friends!

Weekly High: I won Jamoosh’s turtle naming contest…does life GET any better?!?!?!

Weekly Low:  Another (anonymous) blogger left a nasty (and slightly threatening) comment in reference to a comment I made on a friends blog.  And here I thought we were all entitled to our opinions.  And really, isn’t this supposed to be a nice, supportive place for all of us athletes?

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Body glide.  Seriously, this stuff was made for me!
  2. My mom.  She is my biggest fan…deals with my pre-race nerves and my post-race nostop chatter!
  3. There are only 13 days of school left till the kiddies are out- WOOHOO!!!!!

Quote of the week:  “If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not.”  – B.G. Jett


Scott Coffee 8k Race Report:

Time/Pace- 55:02/11:00

Gender- 281/344

Overall- 715/823

My goals were small going into the race; finish under an hour and with no pain.  I am happy to say I reached both goals!  However, I had said I wanted to come in under 55 if possible, and look how I missed it by 2 seconds!!!!  Now…for those of you new to my blog this year, see last years race report where I missed getting 50 minutes by, you guessed it…2 seconds!!!  It is the curse of two seconds!

At any rate, the race was great.  Ate my usual pb english muffin with coffee and water, got there nice and early and chatted with friends and my uncle pre-race.  I was super nervous (so scared to get hurt) but felt great from the start.  It is a fairly flat course with only three hills (and only one is really a hill) and I told myself I would walk those since I have been advised against running/biking hills for a few weeks still.  Since I know what happens when I don’t listen, I listened.  At mile 2 I was pacing until 10 minute miles which is a little faster than I should be pushing…but I felt great, so while I did slow down, I did not want to slow down too much.  I stopped at every water stop (it was well over 80 degrees and humid) and walked a bit up the mile 4.5 hill.  After that, I only walked a short bit at the start of mile 5 and then again at a hill right before the finish.  As soon as I got to the finish area I sprinted across the line!  I was so happy that I had ran strong, listened to my body and finished pain-free!!!

Michele and I pre-race

Me and my teamates Brian and Michelle

And we’re off!

Strong, happy finish!

With my Uncle Mark and friend/TT teammate Brian, post-race

Overall, I have to say, this was one of the best weeks I have had in a long time…capped off with an awesome race and a fun time out with friends today! 


18 thoughts on “Week in Review; 5/31-6/6 & 8K Race Report

  1. Glad you had such a good week! A coffee race? I would be all over that. I have never done an 8K. That is terrible about the nasty comment. What a chicken to do it anonymously! And I totally think being with the middle school girls all day was a workout! Woo Hoo to June and school ending!

  2. Nice pic Mom…got her in the air full stride!
    Show that one to your PT guy/gal!
    Great strong race onelittlejill!

  3. Nice work in the race! You’re coming back to it well and injuries always teach us lessons about listening to our bodies!

    It makes me sad how some people feel they can hide behind the anonymity of their computer and write nasty things. It’s almost as if they forget that there are real people with real feelings on the receiving end of their comments. The whole “Golden Rule” is SOOOOO applicable to online communications – Do unto others as you would have others do to you! Just cause you can appear anonymous online doesn’t make it right to be mean. 😦

  4. You sure had a great week in training! Hope I can say the same thing next week as I pick up my training this week again.

    Great result on the 8K race and love the pics.
    It seems 2 seconds will haunt you 🙂

    Don’t bother about the anonymous commenter, it’s not worth it.

  5. Congrats on a great week, race, and winning the turtle naming contest! Don’t think twice about the anonymous commenter; it isn’t worth your time or energy.

  6. So glad to hear you are back on your game and racing. I’m having issues with my hip this month; I keep thinking of you!
    Mine is not as bad, but I am off to the doctor this week before running again, since that seems to get it cranking.
    I’m so glad you are easing back in to the running. Before you know it, you’ll be beating those times by two minutes instead of missing them by 2 seconds.
    Great job and great pics!

  7. Great job at the race! I love the finish pic of you! And am so happy to hear you are feeling well enough to run again. It’s really encouraging.

    Oh Body Glide. I HAVE to use it now! Well, vaseline. I ran out of the glide 😉

  8. Those darn 2 seconds!! 🙂 congrats on the race all the same. I know you are just happy to be running again.

    And what were you thinking? Having a free opinion? Duh not allowed. 😉

  9. Hi little Jill,
    You are so freaking cute! I love all of the pictures:) COngrats on an awesome 8K race! I think that I would like that distance. I ran a 7K once and I liked it alot:)

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