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PT Graduate And A Busy Weekend Ahead!

It is official- I graduated from PT yesterday 🙂 🙂

And because no graduation should be without a photo…


On a serious note, I really will miss PT.  I have been going to Breakthru since the first week of March- at first for three days a week, then two and for the past couple of weeks once a week.  Even though I will not miss how time consuming going to PT was, I really will miss the comfort of knowing I would be there through the week if I was having a problem.  Michelle, my PT, was more than just a physical therapist.  Michelle became my friend.  I really do think I got the best care possible and that my recovery would not have went as well as it has, if it were not for Michelle.  I am really lucky to have found her and feel even luckier that she is someone I will be keeping in touch with outside of PT.  As much as I hated being injured and hated how much time I was spending at PT, I really am grateful to have had such good care.

In other news…I took today off from work to get 3297893 things done (see, I had a lot to do) before my cousins rehersal dinner tonight and wedding tomorrow.  I am so excited for my cousin Brian and my soon-to-be cousin Nancy.  They are both awesome and I am so happy for them!  I will post pics Sunday for sure so you can all see how nicely I clean up 🙂

Today, I went for a short 2 mile run.  And man if it isn’t one thing, it is another.  Now that my hip is better my shins/calves have become the bane of my exsistence.  They definitely were not feeling the run; good thing it was just a quick one today!

Even though PT is over, I am still going to continue seeing my chiro.  I’ll go once a week for ART, and while I am there he is going to do Graston on my calves.  Graston is intense but it makes a world of difference.  Hopefully within a few weeks, everything will be back to working normal!

I won’t be around this weekend but I’ll be trying to play catch up Sunday night.  For now…good luck to all the racers this weekend and SUPER GOOD VIBES out to Lacey who is having knee surgery today- visit her here and wish her well!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

14 thoughts on “PT Graduate And A Busy Weekend Ahead!

  1. Yay Jill! Congratulations on your “graudation” – I love that you got a certificate – simply awesome. Sounds like you have quite a busy weekend on tap – hope everyone enjoys the wedding and best of luck to your cousin(s) – such a great occassion. Really puts it in perspective.

    Best with your continued recovery – I think you are dead on that in a couple weeks everything will be back working as it shoulld.

    Best from Austin, J

  2. Woo hoo! I love the graduation picture:) You always have a big smile on your face! Just one otf the things that I love about you!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Nice diploma :)!!!
    I was going to PT and MT every week when my insurance was fabulosa and paid for it….but when I lost that cushy insurance, I also lost both and it was like my world came crashing down on me. It took a long time for me to get over my crutches to make my legs all happy again … so what I’m sayin is that I’m glad you’re still able to keep in touch and be friends … yet hopefully you won’t need her for anything medical :). Have a great weekend!

  4. Congrats on PT graduation! I am happy you get to keep in touch with Michelle. It is awesome that you found someone so great to help you with recovery!

    What is Graston? I would to hear what you do for your shins/calves. My right calf bothered me for an entire month before I got my leg problems.

  5. i was only in PT for 3 weeks and i was a little sad when it was over b/c i really enjoyed the people and knowing i was being taken care of. so i get it.

    congrats on graduating, tho!!

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