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Week In Review- 6/7-6/13

Week in Review; 6/7-6/13

Monday: 1100 meter swim in the morning.  3×300’s with 200 meter cool-down.  This was the short swim I posted about last week.

Tuesday: Two-a-day!!  Morning workout was an easy 2.2 miles and then after work I went on a 6.5 mile bike ride.  I really wanted to get to Pilates but I just wasnt going to happen; my legs were still tight and sore from last Sunday’s race and I just did not think it was a good day to start back. 

Wednesday: Rest Day.

Thursday: 1200 meter swim in the morning.  800 meters timed, 300 meters of mixed drills and 100 meter cool down.  In addition, I had my last PT session at night.

Friday: 2 mile afternoon run.  Oh, and two hours of dancing as I chaperoned the 8th grade dance.

Saturday: Technically a rest day but I did some hardcore dancing at my cousins wedding.  Burn calories, burn!

Sunday: Nothing.  And I mean nothing!  Not only did I completely ignore my 4 mile scheduled run, but I hardly bothered to get out of bed.  Too much partying this weekend!

Weekly High: The wedding for sure!

Weekly Low:  Not getting my run in today.  Clearly, I needed the rest, but I cannot help but to feel lazy.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. My awesome family!
  2. Having nothing to do today- I cannot even remember the last timeI had nothing to do!
  3. My awesome PT Michele for taking good care of me.

Quote of the week:  There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.  Pat Riley

As promised…photos from the wedding weekend:

See…I clean up nice!

It’s Official!!

With the groom

With the bride

With Mom ❤

Cocktailing 🙂

Mom and Dad ❤

Oh, yum!


11 thoughts on “Week In Review- 6/7-6/13

  1. You look so much like your mom! Pretty girls… 🙂

    You needed the rest…don’t dwell on it! Tomorrow is a new week! 🙂 ENJOY!

  2. That cake is soooo pretty! And yes, you do clean up well, what a cutie-pie :). Excellent week of workouts, way to get ’em all in, even the dancing!! Have a great week!!!

  3. we have a wedding this friday and i’m so looking forward to it. love getting dressed up and dancing!

    cute pic of you and your parents!!

  4. yeah…dancing DOES count as the key workout..lol. Solid training for teh week, too. You were DEF getting it IN!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures and LOVE YOUR SHOES! Want them, want them, want them!

    I know the feeling. If I have a planned rest day all is fine but if I skip a workout because I’m tired and need rest I feel guilty too.

  6. 8th grade dance!! Ahhh the bad memories of my awkwardness 😉

    don’t dwell on your lazy Sunday. Weddings and all the festivities sure wear me down!

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