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Monday Brain Exchange Week 12- Motivational Quotes and Personal Mantras

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: I totally misplaced my list of links…I didn’t want to leave anyone out, so I am going to skip links this week.  So sorry!

Here’s how it works: 

  • Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. 
  • If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blogLink your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.
  • Topic: Motivational Quotes and Personal Mantras

    Question: What are some of your favorite motivational quotes/sayings?  Do you have any personal mantras you use while dealing with tough times on the race course?

    I am always talking to myself throughout a race.  It starts before I even hit the water in a tri.  Typically my swim mantra is “just keep swimming” from Nemo and I remind myself that I am strong and I can do it.  The bike, being my toughest event, is where I really need to stay positive.  I talk to myself the whole time, remember to breathe and just repeat “you can do this” over and over.  The run is full of “you got this” and “don’t stop” and “almost finished” which is also usually what I tell myself during road races.  For me, I just need to constantly keep the negatives out and keep the positives in!

    I have 328392 million (and that is a lot) of favorite quotes.  All of the ones I use for my week in reviews are from a list of favorites but when it boils down, there is one that tops them all for me:  “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” which of course was the inspiration for my blog title!


    Next Weeks Topic:  The athletic family

    Next Week Question:  Do you come from an athletic family?  Are your parents/siblings/spouses/children also involved in your sport(s)?

    7 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 12- Motivational Quotes and Personal Mantras

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    2. THis is a great topic to blog about:) Lord knows that there has been many times where I had to pull out motivation and dig to just finish! I usally say things to myself like,”Suck it up!” Keep your feet moving, breathing regulated and stay positive! Sometimes I think about all of the things that are worse than finishing a race:)

      Have a great week Jill!

    3. I’m being lazy this week and will not be participating… but I expect to next week. That being said, I don’t really have any motivational quotes that I read or think about often. I like reading them, but I instantly forget them. I do stay positive during my races and sort of talk to myself. One of my favorite things to tell myself is that I can do anything for one more mile or 5 more minutes. It’s usually towards the end of my races that I need the extra motivation. 😉

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