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Monday Brain Exchange Week 13- The Athletic Family

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: Darlene, Kim, Whitney, Jill and Suzy

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  • Topic:  The Athletic Family

    This Week Question:  Do you come from an athletic family?  Are your parents/siblings/spouses/children also involved in your sport(s)?

    I have many very athletic family members.  My dad and all of my mom’s brothers grew up playing sports and two of my uncles were and still are devout runners.  I often run in the same races as my Uncle Mark and my Uncle Dennis is a high school track coach.  Many of my cousins are/were athletes in high school; their sports run the gammat from baseball to soccer to field hockey to lacrosse to cheerleading.  My parents played on a work softball team when I was little and my dad walked 11 miles a day on his mail route for many years. These days my mom and I go for walks (I am runner girl, she is walker girl 🙂 ) and bike rides.

    I am currently single but I would love to find someone who is into sports.  Of course it would be great if they were into running and/or triathlon but I would be happy with someone who loves sports/outdoors in general.  I love the idea of going running or biking or hiking with someone.  I love the idea of waking up and getting outdoors with someone, just enjoying the sun and getting in exercise.  And when the time comes to have children, I will do my best to get them athletically involved.  I would love for my kids to be into softball and soccer but I also want them to figure out what is right for them personally.  I will support whatever they choose as long as it is a healthy path.  I think that is all I want…a happy and healthy family.


    Next Weeks Topic: Give-A-Ways- Love Em or Hate Em

    Next Weeks Question:  What are your thoughts on give-a-ways?  Do you enter them often?  What entices you to enter or turns you off from entering?  Have you run your own give-a-ways?

    14 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 13- The Athletic Family

    1. Sounds like you were destined to be athletic.

      Good outlook on kids’ sporting careers by the way. It works out best to let them choose their own path without all of the pressure you typically see.

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    3. Zilch on the athletic family at my house. My dad played golf, does that count? They both smoked and I always thought they were so unhealthy so I always ran just to keep myself away from their bad habits. I think it worked :).

    4. My sister runs too. My hubby was an athlete in high school, but he tells me he quit running and riding his bike when he got his driver’s license. 🙂

    5. Don’t forget… your dad had tryouts with both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the NY Yankees.

      And I played softball from the time I was about 7 years old.

    6. My family is not particularly athletic. My in-laws are really into biking, but that seems to have skipped over my husband somehow…. I would love it if he would join me for runs, but he despises running and refuses to do it.

    7. i would say mine is… my dad rode his bike across the us when he was 18! and was an avid bicyclist in general, now just tries to when he can of course. my mom was (somehow) on her hs basketball team. sometimes we wonder if she is lying 😉 she’s like 5’4! lol. she likes to walk now. my sisters and i grew up playing soccer, softball, gymnastics, dance… so yeah – not olympians but definitely active!

      very unique question! thanks for giving me the chance to ‘brag’ about my fam a little.

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