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Where Has Onelittletrigirl Been???

I cannot even remember the last time I went three days without blogging!  I also cannot remember the last time I was this busy!  Here is a quick update of what I have been up to while I have been ignoring the blog world:

  • Not getting ready for summer vacation- common misconception that I have summers off.  I don’t.  However, no parents, no kids and no teachers is kind of a vacation!
  • Eating like crap- if it is bad for me, I have been eating it.  Last week of school will do that to a girl!
  • Thinking about a big change.  Yeah, I am going to be secretive.
  • Working out both mornings and afternoons- lots of two-a-days given the busy weeks I have had going on!
  • Hardly keeping up with my reader.  I know I am missing out on some great posts, but I just cannot keep up.
  • Really missing my friend Jimmy lately- he was one of my closest friends who died when we were 19.  His birthday is Saturday.  I always miss him, but for some reason the last few weeks have really been hurting.
  • Determining which blogs I need to let go of…some never acklowledge me and some seem to have gotten “too big” for little bloggers like me.  Such is life.
  • Trying to figure out what to do about my shins/calves.  I am graston’ing the crap out of them but still not really running much.  UGH!
  • Sweating- it is SO HOT here in NJ.  Three days in a row over 100 degrees and that is before the humidity.
  • Still waiting to hit the lottery.
  • Missing my friends- I feel like I haven’t seen anyone outside of work in forever!
  • Seriously starting to plan out the Cruise to Run.  Seriously.
  • Working on lots of good posts- another swim post, a major props post and an open letter to Runner’s World.

Up this weekend…my friend Lisa’s wedding, an early July 4th BBQ and spectating Philly Tri.  If you are going to be at Philly Tri let me know!  I’ll look for you! 

Additionally, it is my mom’s birthday tomorrow…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!

24 thoughts on “Where Has Onelittletrigirl Been???

  1. Jill – that is one heck of a list! You have been busy, busy, busy. So sorry to hear about your losing your friend – that is something that is always difficult, especially as young as you guys were. Hope you can do something on Saturday that would make both of you smile.

    Best to you from Austin, hope that heat doesn’t stick around too much longer. Enjoy Philly – I miss it.

  2. This heat is insane! I’ve been sweating here in DC too!
    I too lost a good friend at too young of an age. Jeff was 17 and I was 18 when he passed. I still miss him and think of him often too.

  3. “Determining which blogs I need to let go of…some never acklowledge me and some seem to have gotten “too big” for little bloggers like me. Such is life.”

    I’m going through this too! Some just post more than I can keep up with. I’m interested to see next week’s MBE.

    Oh, and the eating crap part. I was just taking orders for cupcakes…

  4. so sorry to hear about your friend! They say time heals, but on special days like that, no amount of time takes the sadness away. Just remember the happy times and celebrate and eat a piece of cake!
    Mmmm…love cupcakes. We have http://www.cupcakealamode.com/ here and its one of my weaknesses for sure!
    can’t wait to hear your secret? Have a great week and stay cool!!

  5. You have been busy! I have been eating badly too! its hard to stop! But you have been doing two-a-days so I am sure that it is all evening out!

  6. I love your picture of you and your mom, you certainly look a lot like her. I lost my mom almost 22 years ago…and it’s still painful. I hear you on the blog land, I comment and comment on certain people’s blog and never get a response on mine…we talked about this a LOT when I was in Boston and having lunch with other bloggers. Please don’t give up on me….I only blog once or twice a week and that’s about all I can keep up with people – once or twice a week….but I always read where I left off :). Have a great weekend, girl…it’s almost here. Oh, and excited about your big change secret!! HUGS!

  7. Ugh… humidity is awful. We have had relatively tame weather, at least for Vegas it’s been tame. It has only been over 100 a couple times so far this summer. But the dry air definitely makes it easier to take!

    I’m still waiting to win the lottery too… Unfortunately we don’t have a lottery in Nevada. I think I’m supposed to go sit in a casino to fulfill my hopes of winning it big!

    Open letter to Runner’s World, big changes… you sure know how to build the suspense! 🙂

    Smile! Just feel like you could use a little cheer!

  8. Happy bday to your mom! You two look so similar.

    We always seem to be on the same page. I have been doing some blog purging too.

    I hope your calves feel better! 😦

  9. Hi little Jill,
    Welcome back! Don’t feel bad about the blogging thing…life happens and sometimes you need to do what is best for you:)

    Your mom and you look so much alike! She looks so young:) Happy Birthday to her!

  10. What do you do at school in the summer when kids aren’t at school? I tried to weed out some blogs just the other day without much luck. I need to try again as if I am following too many it is too hard. And yes I have been doing a lot of sweating lately! Sorry to hear about your friend.

  11. Really, it’s been 100 in NJ? Please keep that weather up your way!

    If you’re at the finishing line at Philly, I’ll be hallucinating by the time I hit the finish line.
    But, if I have any mental capacity at all, I’ll shout your way.

    Keep eating bad. You’re in training. Completely acceptable. Even encouraged.

  12. Wow! You have been busy! I’m sorry you’ve been missing your friend who passed away. I think it’s interesting how some days we’re just reminded of someone who’s gone and it brings everything back, even if it’s been awhile. I hope you find peace with that soon.

  13. Hey, it’s summer. Crappy eating is expected at least part of the season, especially one that’s as busy as yours. Looking forward to hearing about this big life change you are planning.

  14. Happy birthday to your Mom!

    You’ve been one busy girl this week. I can understand that you miss your friend especially around this time of year.

    I hope I’m not one of the blogs you’re letting go but then again: I’m a small one compared to others 🙂

    Catched up on your other posts also but didn’t comment. Just got back from my vacation. If you’re interested: recap on my blog.

    Have a great weekend Jill.

  15. I hate it when people say that teaching is easy because we get the “summers off.” Sooooo not true! It is nice not to teach for 2 or so months, but I still do soooo much over the summer that is school related.

    I hope things ease up in your life. My husband and I are just hitting our “busy weeks.” His sister is getting married on Saturday and we leave on vacation next week. Too much to do before then.

    Keep going and stay cool!

  16. I’ve been having summer cravings for Cheetos, what’s that about? Anyway, I’m so sorry about your friend, it always gets hard when these special dates come around. Hang in there.
    Have fun with your mom on her birthday, she’s a lucky mom!

  17. Busy, busy little Jill! It’s a good thing, though, right?
    Hope the calf feels better! And don’t worry about blogland – it goes through cycles for everyone 🙂 The true peeps stay strong and keep going (like you 😉 )

  18. Ack!!! That was a typo on my blog posting MBE two days early!! And then I was out this morning (running!) and didn’t notice… It’ll repost Monday.

  19. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with blogging and blog reading too. Work has been crazy and home has been crazier. I hate weeks like this!
    I hope your shins are feeling better soon. We’ve been following each other for quite a while now. What do you think is going on with all the injuries this year? Today was my first run in a month, since my hip went all wonky. I know you’ve had the hip thing too. I hope the injuries are almost done and we can get back to regular training schedules. I know I need it!
    Hope you enjoyed the Philly Tri!

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