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Week In Review-less…

Yeah…so about a week in review.  One would have to actually DO something in order to have something to write about.  Okay, maybe I am being tough on myself, but honestly this week was a wash.  My exhaustion level was high and my motivation level was low.  I won’t embarass myself my telling you my exact workouts but it was a total of one swim, one bike and one walk.  No runs- had to give my shins/calves a break.  I have a heavy race schedule in July and August and this is really the last week I could pull off not running.  So it was a sucky week.  So it happens, right??  Onto the next week 🙂

In the non-workout department, my weekend was FABULOUS!!!!!!  Seriously, it was non-stop fun (and mostly catching up on sleep in the afternoons!) and it was a blast!  Friday night was my friends reception, Saturday was spent on the lake BBQ’ing and watching fireworks and today I spectated the Philly Tri and then took a walk with my friend that ended with drinks on a deck 🙂 

That’s about all I have right now.  I am sooooo tired!  I’ll leave you with some pics from the wedding- enjoy 🙂

That’s me 🙂

Introducing…Happy Bride and Groom!

With the bride, my good friend Lisa

I love these girls!


Hope you all had a great weekend!  Can you believe it is almost the 4th of July?!?!?!?!

10 thoughts on “Week In Review-less…

  1. You are sooo pretty, I LOVE that dress (I have to go to a wedding next weekend and have no black dress to wear….can I borrow it 😉 ). It’s ok that to take a week off…it’s rest up time to gear up for those upcoming races the next few months. Not only fueling your body, but also your mind!! So glad you had a fun-filled week, sounds exactly what you needed!

  2. You’re allowed to have a “sucky” week as far as running, swimming, etc. I’ve learned that myself, so I’m passing it on to you. Just don’t think you’re ready to run a half after being a slacker though. That will be my next post…LOL. Thanks for allowing me to have you as a Facebook friend-it’s probably a better way for us to keep connected anyhow. Oh, and I agree with Jill’s comments above, except I don’t want to borrow your dress! 🙂 I still want to run with you. I need to find a race in NJ that I can enter. Geeez, I kinda sound like a Jill “stalker” with these comments, don’t I?! (Don’t worry, I’m not!)

  3. awwww i love weddings. they are such high points for everyone involved. i can’t wait til my friends start getting married so i can start going to some!!! haha. i’ve just been to my older sister’s wedding and it was AMAZING 🙂 everyone was sooo happy.

    wonderful photos!

  4. p.s. i LOVE that quote that you left me. and i still haven’t read the last lecture. my brother has a copy of it so i’ll borrow it at some point. did you read tuesdays with morrie? or the 5 people you meet in heaven? those are by mitch albom (he is actually a sports reporter on ESPN and writes for SI) and i really liked them.

  5. You look lovely in that dress, like the shoes too.

    We all have weeks in which we don’t exercise as much as planned. Feeling this exhausted I think it is good that you didn’t do too much and rested more so this week will be a great week on the exercise front.

  6. I’d love to know the significance of that object you’re posing in front of.

    It’s pretty clear that any lack of training was supplemented by the drastic increase in Smiley faces in your blog.

    Thanks for cheering yesterday. You’re right it was much too hot and I can’t imagine swimming in an 84 degree river would have made it much better.

  7. lol. i have had a few week “reviews” like this myself… cute dress and beautiful bride! we have been seeing lots of jill-in-real-clothes lately 🙂

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