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300th Post…WooHoo!

I like to think of every 100th posts as a landmark event 🙂  Go here for my 100th post and here for my 200th. 

I really gave thought to what I would do for my 300th post…then it clicked…I would ask the two women who know me best to tell you random things about me.  So I sent one email off to my mommy and another off to my bestie.  Here it is from the one’s who know me best:

From Mommy…

Ten things you should know about Jill: 

1.  She despises injustice and prejudice and she will always root for the underdog.

2.  If you ask for her opinion be prepared for a honest response

3.  You have to know what you’re talking about to discuss March Madness with her

4.  If you are her friend there is nothing she won’t do for you… or at least attempt to the best of her ability.

5.  She has a protective shell that makes her appear tough so people don’t always realize how sensitive she truly is

6.  Her maternal grandmother has always been her hero

7.  She loves the Tarheels and the Phillies and will show you no mercy if you are a bandwagon rider.  Don’t reveal you are a Duke and/or Yankee fan until after you have established a friendship.

8.  She loves softball… playing, coaching and watching

9.  Her mom is her heart and her dad is her best friend.  don’t mess with either of them.

10.  One of her best friends died 10 years ago and it completely shaped and changed the course of her life.

 Ten Jill facts:

1.  She had her appendix out when she was six and weighed only 28 pounds when she left the hospital (so we took her to Ground Round on kids-pay-what-they-weigh night!)

2.  She gave her parents a trip to Key West as a Christmas gift one year.

3.  She has been going to Wildwood Crest since she was 10 years old.

4.  She started swimming lessons when she was 10 months old and gymnastics at the age of three.  She will never forgive her mother for not putting her in dance as a child

5.  Her first ever flight was to Italy… her second was to England.  she has never flown anywhere with her mom.

6.  She started seriously roller skating at age six and it became her childhood passion 

7.  She finished first grade and proceeded to fire her babysitter.  Unfortunately she failed to mention this until the night before second grade started leaving us to scramble to find a new one by the next day.

8.  Losing her first tooth was the highlight of her first trip to Disney at age seven

9.  She ran away from home when she was six with just a brown bag that held her cabbage patch doll, a box of Kraft macaroni & cheese and a pot to cook it in.

10.  When she laughs uncontrollably, it is THE best sound.  And the smile that goes with it is simply gorgeous.

Some of my favorite Mommy/Jill pics:

Circa 1982

My Mom is around my age in this photo that I am now.

Downtheshore- I think 2005 or 2006

Always my biggest fan!

From Jessica…

10 Things you should know about Jill:

1) She is not a romantic.  No wining and dining her…although she does like wine and to dine.

2) She truly cares about the people in her life and only wants the best for them whether she agrees with their choices or not.

3) She’s always been a “go big or go home” kind of girl.  There is nothing she won’t go after when she wants something!

4) She will someday make an amazing wife and mother.

5) She is one of the most creative people I know…her Christmas gifts are always thoughtful and just the best.

6) She won’t admit it but she likes Taylor Swift.

7) She is full of charisma.

8 ) She doesn’t tolerate screaming crying kids on airplanes or in restaurants well.

9) She is the unlaziest person I have ever met.

10) She is very loyal and will stand up for you when you can’t or won’t for yourself. 

10 Jill facts:

1) She doesn’t need a few drinks in her to have a good time.

2) Whether you want to hear it or not…she is going to tell you what she thinks.  This happens to be one of my favorite things about her.

3) She’s team Jolie.

4) She is hysterically funny.  Like belly-achingly funny.

5) Her dream car is an Audi- A4 convertible to be exact.

6) Her first car, a cavalier, she tagged as the “shitbox” and it was the best car in the world.  We had many good rides in that car!

7) She is a die-hard UNC basketball fan and she knows her shit…not only about her team but everyone else’s too.  Don’t try her!

8 ) She was once roofied at a bar.  It was white trash Wednesday at the trashy Pennant…big shocker.

9) She is completely dedicated to her friends, family, and her sports.

10) She is a great best friend and there is NO ONE like her.

Some of my favorite bestie pics:

Jan 2004- her 21st birthday

July 2006- My 25th birthday in A.C.

Downtheshore- 2007

One of my favorites EVER of us- Winter 2008

Winter 2009

Hope you have enjoyed!!!!!

*Note: I was going to do a q&a as well, but that would have made this a super long post, so I will be doing that as a seperate post within the next week.

26 thoughts on “300th Post…WooHoo!

  1. great idea!!!! i love it. i have read that you should ask people close to you things like this (to describe you) because it helps you get to know yourself.

    i laughed so hard at : you fired your babysitter, and the running away with mac+cheese + pot. lol.

    and gosh, i’m so sorry you were roofied. what a crappy thing to have happen. did it feel like a hangover when you woke up?

  2. This is a great idea… I think everyone should do something like this even if they aren’t posting it on a blog. It may provide new insight into one self!

    That pic of you with your mom when she’s the same age as you are now… WOW! Lots of similarities there!

  3. Jill!

    Fantastic post, girl! The pics are soooo cool. You and mom and look so much alike…wow! The circa 1982 one is precious. 🙂

    I laughed as I read the lists and after having met you (albeit briefly!) in person, I could definitely see some of these qualities peeking through!

    It is clear that you are loved and love in return… beautiful.

    Congrats on your 300th post! Here’s wishing you 300 more!

    HUGS from Orlando!

  4. Congrats on your 300th!! and wow you look totally like your mom, its wonderful. Two very beautiful and obviously strong women 🙂 Love the post, all sorts of interesting and great facts to get to know you more. Cheers to many, many more great posts!

  5. Love this post! It sounds like you have a lovely mother- I loved her responses.
    Also- we should totally go roller skating together. I was passionate about it when I was younger too. For my birthday this year I really wanted a skate party (haha) but I didn’t make it happen.

  6. You look so much like your mom. Sorry she never let you take dance lessons, but it definitely sounds like you got your money’s worth out of the swimming ones.

  7. Jill – such a classic post and so fun to read. Reading “Down the shore” made this now Texan homesick for my summers as a boy in Margate and an older “boy” on LBI. Good times.

    Congrats on the 300th post – you have a lot of people around you to love and love you back. That is what it is all about.

    Best from Austin, J

  8. What a great post! It really touched me the things your mom and your friend wrote about you!

    This post is a keeper for you.

    Congrats on your 300th post.

  9. This was one of your BEST posts ever – congrats on 300! Now I know why I like you so much, we have a lot in common 🙂
    Can’t say that one of them is being a Tarheal fan, but I’m with you on the baseball thing!
    Hold onto this post and remember all the awesome things that two beautiful women reminded you of – it is very special. Have a great Wednesday!

  10. This was SO entertaining and fun to read! Great idea and I love all the pictures!!

    Thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for your continuous support on my blog. I really appreciate it, even though I’m not as great a commenter as you! But I’m reading!!

  11. The things your mom said about you are amazing! Not just surface stuff but really showing who you are. I just would love to think my family would know me so well. I hope we meet someday. You seem like a wonderful person!

    Congrats on your 300!

    I took roller skating lessons as a kid. Does that date me? 😉

  12. Great post – congrats on 300! Loved reading all the fun stuff about you, and loved loved the pictures. You look just like you mom! 🙂

  13. Hi little Jill,
    I absolutely loved this post! I am not surprised about any of the facts about you! You are a wonderful person who is loved by many:) Your family and friends adore you because of what a wonderful person you are! You have such a positive and fun loving spirit! Your sweet charm and charisma shine through in your blog:)

    Cheers to your 300th post! Keep them coming!

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