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The June Review- 6th Month Check-Up!

Wow- did we really just finish the sixth month of the year?!?!?  Already!!!  Is it just me or is this year flying?  I feel like I have been through so much this year and done so much already this year that time is just getting away from me.  And summer isn’t slowing down for one second.

The Stats-

Swimming:  12,200 meters.  Swims are a mix of timed 200’s 400′s and 800′s, different drills and free swims.  They always include a warm-up and/or a cool-down.  I swam less this month than in May, but I feel like they were all quality swims so I am okay with the dip in meters.  Grade A

Biking:  37 miles.  I feel like a slacker when I see this number and it motivates me to kick ass in July!  If I don’t get over my fear of biking this season, my bigger fear is that I never will…Grade C

Running: 17 miles, plus 9.5 miles walking.  Post-injury running has presented me with a lot of set backs.  I am still uping the mileage month-to-month which is a postitive, but I am also let down that I cannot do more yet!  I try to make up for it with walking and the confidence that I WILL be better soon!  Grade B

Cross-Training:  N/A; I really don’t do much of this is the summer between training and racing.

Strength:  1 hour and 15 minutes.  Not a total fail but pretty pa-the-tic! Grade D

Goals Grades/Assessment-

  • Stretch More- Like a crazy lady still!  No more whammies injuries! Grade A
  • Abs Challenge- Honestly? I lost count.  And that’s  good thing! Grade A 
  • Pilates- You know, truth is…I just don’t think I am ever getting there.  Ever. N/A
  • Up the Run Mileage- Hell yes! Grade A
  • Two-A-Days- Not as many as I would like, but more than last month! Grade B
  • Eat Consistently- Meh- I do really good until dinner.  Then I usually scrounge because it is too hot to cook. Grade B
  • No Soda- I had a diet coke this week.  What the hell pizza shop doesn’t have water OR iced tea….REALLY???? Grade A-
  • No Scale- Here’s the thing…when you gain weight, you don’t want to weigh yourself.  I feel as though I have gained, so I haven’t weighed.  Grade A

Overall Grade B+; I can live with that!  Here’s to July being my best month yet!  Lots of great races coming up too!!!

Year to date totals; Jan-Jun

Swimming- 38,000 meters

Biking- 122.3 miles

Running- 132.2 miles

Walking- 25.1 miles

Strength/Cross Training- 23 hours and 25 minutes

All things considered, I am feeling pretty good about my numbers.  I did not start swimming until April 6, so YTD is a little misleading on that one.  And the entire month of March was pretty much a wash because of my injury.  Still not where I want to be…and I think I have to resign myself to the fact that 500 running miles might not happen for me this year.  But that is okay; honestly, I will be thrilled if I can just get my second YTD numbers all higher than the first.  And I see no reason why that is not possible!!!  So all in all, I really am pretty proud of these numbers. 

What are you most proud of through the first 6th months of the year?

13 thoughts on “The June Review- 6th Month Check-Up!

  1. You doing great with your workouts – nice recap! I am most proud of teaching myself to swim the first 6 months of this year (and keeping it up). 🙂

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  3. Looks like an excellent report card, love all those A’s and B’s.

    I’m not really very proud of too much the first half of the year, as I’ve really struggled through both my marathon trainings. But I’m motivated to turn it around…does that count??

  4. Those are some impressive swim numbers. Way to go.

    Why are you afraid of biking? Maybe I shouldn’t ask.

    You can always bike indoors on a stationery bike or on the trainer. Neither of those are particularly enjoyable in my opinion, but they’ll get you the bike fitness you need for your races.

  5. Holy cow! You did awesome with your swimming this month:) Nice job with the biking and running too!

    I am proud of already running in 6 half marathons so far:) I have two more officially on my schedule for the summer. I am also proud that I was able to PR a few times in three different distances.

    Have a great weekend Jill!

  6. I think you’ve had a great workout month Jill. You’re making progress every month.

    To be honest I don’t have much to be proud of concerning health/exercise in the past six months.

    What was sad was losing our dog in March and what made us happy was welcoming Bella to our family.

  7. I have to say, I’m most proud of my yoga challenge. Simply because instead of wallowing in tears because I can’t run, I went and did something.

    Good job on a great month!!!!

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