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Brain Exchange Week 15- Favorite Athletes

Here are the answers from participants in last weeks Brain Exchange: Kim, Whitney, Alanna, Darlene, Ann

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  • Topic:  Favorite Athletes

    Question: Who are your Top 5 favorite athletes? And why?  They can be famous or infamous, dead or alive, to do with your sport or be in a completely different sport.

    I could probably list 20 athletes off the top of my head that would qualify as favorites and THAT would be without thinking about it; given thought I could come up with a mighty list, that is for sure.  Sometimes I purposely make these questions tough…a way for readers (and those who also play MBE weekly- thank you to those 🙂 ) to really think about their posts.  But this one…I made it even too hard for myself!!  Therefore my list is comprised of famous, alive athletes who either compete in triathlon or road races.  And even then, I had a tough time narrowing it down!!!

    Chrissie Wellington- I love this girl! She was the first triathlete I ever read about and not too much later she was pretty much killing it on the race scene!  She is a beast on every course, including Kona where she shattered the women’s marathon record on the championship course!  Every year she gives out awards at Timberman…enough reason for me to do a 70.3!

    Kara Goucher– Seriously, who doesn’t love this girl?!?!  She seems like the kinda girl you could kick back and have a margarita by the pool with; she is always so real and down to earth in her interviews.  I love her, and I want her abs!

    Bart Yasso–  Dear Bart, I want to work at Runner’s World and be your friend.  Meeting you at Philly was a highlight in my life 🙂  Love, Jillian

    Meb Keflezighi–  This guy is a warrior for real.  I never get tired of reading about him or watching him race!

    Craig Alexander- Awesome athlete.  Only one of three men to win back to back Kona.  Oh and he is super hot. Bonus!



    Next Weeks Topic: Pre-Race Rituals

    Next Weeks Question:  Do you have pre-race rituals?  Bizarre OCD’s?  If so, what are they?


    5 thoughts on “Brain Exchange Week 15- Favorite Athletes

    1. The brain exchange is cool I like this idea 🙂 I think athletes are some of the most interesting people on earth, it just requires such a discipline that others do not have to be an athlete. Then again, some do not live up to my expectations haha

    2. This is another great topic! I agree with you on the Kara Goucher pick!! She is seriously one of the sweetest famous runners:) Just like the girl next door:)

      Enjoy your week Jill!

    3. I’ve wanted to read Bart’s My Life on the Run book. Thanks for the reminder about him.
      I saw him at the Philly Marathon expo in front of an anemic crowd. Poor guy.

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