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PiF 500 Mile Update & Summer Race Calendar

PiF 500 Mile Update

What is PiF 500?? Check it out on Robin’s blog!

So as I stated in this post, I have resigned myself to the fact that running 500 miles (much less 650 which was my original goal) this year is not going to happen.  I assessed my running and what I felt like I would be capable of doing and it is not going to equal 500 miles.  The ultimate goal is staying injury free.

However, I am all about making things work.  Therefore, I have decided to count my walking miles.  Here’s the thing…my walking is a direct result of my injury and a large part of my recovery.  Why not count the miles, right??  Miles are miles…and the plus side is, I think it will help me to go out for walks more than I have been lately.  And that makes me totally confident that hitting 500 is possible!

Race Calendar Update

I am so excited to be back racing again after months of being on the DL 🙂  I have a jammed packed summer of racing (or participating, I should say!) and I cannot wait for the fun to begin!  Here’ is where I will be:

July 11- Philly Women’s Tri Fairmont Park, PA 

July 17- 20 in 24 Relay Fairmont Park, PA  (relay with co-workers)

July 25- NJ State Olympic Tri Mercer, NJ  (my FIRST Olympic!)

August 1- Belmar Sprint Tri Belmar, NJ 

August 8- Steelman Olympic Tri, Quakertown, PA (relay with teammates)

August 21- Wildwood Sprint Tri Wildwood, NJ

August 28- Medford Lakes Sprint Tri Medford Lakes, NJ

I know it seems like a lot, and it is in comparison to last year…but all in all, it’s not that much when you consider two of the races are relays.  Furthermore, four of these are comped races, given to me for all the volunteer work I do and I don’t want to pass them up!  


If you are going to be racing/spectating any of the above, please let me know!  I would love to meet you 🙂


21 thoughts on “PiF 500 Mile Update & Summer Race Calendar

  1. I’m so excited for your summer racing! I don’t have anything planned until Sept but I might change that up a bit. I can’t bear this heat we’ve been having though. I hope it cools down by Sept!

  2. That’s a packed summer racing schedule for sure 🙂 And don’t see anything wrong with counting walking miles. And thanks for reminding me, I have the same goal and better haul my butt to get it in. Good Luck this weekend!

  3. yay! you are going to be super busy. i love summer racing and i’m pumped you have so much going on. i’ll just follow along with you 🙂

  4. Nothing wrong with the injury-free approach! I count walking miles if I have to incorporate them into a run….I love how we can make up our own rules as we go :). Great race schedule, so glad you’re back on!!

  5. What a fun race schedule.
    Good luck in your first olympic. Enjoy that 10K!

    I might be at the 20in24 (after all I just started soliciting donations today…) if life agrees with me.

  6. hey, if tracking the walking miles helps you reach your goal and keeps you motivated, do it!!! it’s still moving!

    you’re going to be my go to person when i need to learn all about Tris. i have no clue!

  7. You’ve got some big plans for this summer Jill. I would love to come meet you but unfortunately it’s a bit too far away 🙂

    I’m only running a 5K by the end of August. Races in summer are here in the afternoon and I can’t stand the heat very well so I’ll will do some races in Autumn/Winter, that suits me more.

  8. Busy busy busy!! You are going to be racing a lot in the coming weeks!! Gotta get in all the races now before the winter comes and there are none!

  9. I love to race alot too. If that’s what it takes to keep you motivated and you can stay healthy, why the heck not?!?!? G’luck. 🙂

  10. Wow, you’re practically racing every single weekend! That looks like fun. I wish I was going to be at even one of those races, I’d love to meet up! Maybe someday…
    Stay healthy and strong and I love it that you’re counting those walking miles too.

  11. Hi little Jill,
    What the hell, are you tying to be me!?! Look at all of those races you are going to be doing:) I am green with envy! Do me a favor and becareful and race smart! I am all about your motto on staying injury free:)

  12. Wow! What a race schedule! You are going to have a very busy summer. Make sure you take it easy and pay attention to your body.
    Oh and walking miles count!
    Keep that injury-free goal in mind!

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