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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I am 29 as of midnight EST- I officially begin celebrating the last year in my 20’s today 🙂 

Yes, I still get excited over birthdays.  I know the appropriate age to get over birthday parties is around 12, but I love them and love celebrating.  It is the one day of the year dedicated to ME 🙂  How can I not love that?!?!?!?!

This years birthday festivities include dinner with my parents at one of my most favorite places, Iron Hill Brewery.  That will be followed by a night out with some family and friends on the deck at a local bar.  Then it is go-time for Philly Women’s triathlon; the expo is Saturday and race day Sunday.  First tri of the season and my birthday all on the same weekend…holy excitement!

When I was growing up, each year on my birthday at 7:11pm, the time I was born, my mom would take my photo; she did this for 18 years…here are a few of those over the years:



I am honestly excited about turning 29…I feel like my 30’s are going to be good for me.  I don’t feel old at all…I feel like everything will come together in my 30’s and all the crap of my 20’s will officially be behind me.  So when I say I plan to celebrate being 29, I am serious!  Let the celebration begin 🙂

Oh…and as if my birthday wasn’t already super awesome enough…Kara Goucher was born today too 🙂 

26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 29 last month and I feel the same way.
    Also- I love the tradition of taking a photo at the time you were born each year. Most of my photos would have been of me sleeping though since I was born at 7:19 AM. 😛

  2. Happy Birthday!!! That’s a pretty great tradition! Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead and welcome to the 30s!! Its a blast and will be way better than your 20s for sure!!

  3. Silly girl: old? You? No way, it’s been 13 years since I’ve turned 29 so who’s old here 🙂

    Anyway: happy birthday Jill and have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great final year of the 20’s!

    And what a cute idea, to take a picture each year at the time you were born. Of course, that would just be mean if the kid was born at 2:35 AM or something like that… Go drag the kid out of bed each year!

  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope your day is extra special, and how cool that your mom took those pictures at your birth time. I always set my alarm for my birth time on my birthday so I acknowledge mamabear for birthing me. 😉 Have a good one pretty lady!

  6. Happy Birthday Jill! I love the pictures:) I hope that you celebrate by doing something fun and special….you deserve it!

  7. Sorry I am sending this late, I was out of town for a few days….I hope you had an EXCELLENT bday!! 29….ah, that was a good year! I know you’ll have nothing but positive things heading you way, enjoy your last twenty year, girl, you deserve it all!!!

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