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Birthday Weekend! (And A Note About MBE)

Wow- what a weekend I just had!  Seriously, I had so much fun this entire weekend.  Summer is flying!!!!

I celebrated my birthday ALL DAY Friday- I told you, I love birthdays!  And yes Jamoosh, I really am 29!!!!  A little recap of the day, photo style:

Breakfast at the Pop Shop- local hot spot around here with AMAZING french toast.  They are known for their grilled cheese sandwhiches…they even beat out Bobby Flay when he came here to do a throwdown for his show!

Dinner at Iron Hill Brewery- one of my most favorite places!

Key Lime Pie- YUM!!!!!!

Celebrating with besties 🙂

Teammates ♥

Quite a few of those happening!

This would be my drunk face…

The night was so much fun- a lot of people came out…I drank more than I have in a year I think and we took 23978 photos!  Probably my best birthday in recent years!

The next day I had to pull myself together (which was NOT easy) and get over to the expo for packet pick-up.  We were told that there was a high chance of a DU because of all the rain we were getting.  Bummer, but the truth is, I was glad to know in advance.  Even though I was not happy about a DU, at least I wasn’t dissapointed the next day.  They told us it wasn’t definite but most of us knew in our hearts it would not be a Tri. 

After the expo I came home and slept off some of the night before and then headed over to my friend Sarah’s 30th birthday.  I couldn’t stay long because my friend Darek was in town from CT and I hadn’t seen him since Christmas.  He was at a mutual friends house for a BBQ so I stopped by for a little before heading home to pack for the race.  I was exhausted but could not sleep.  I think I finally drifted off around 1:30am or so which made the 4am wake up call pretty brutal.

As for the actual race report…well, you’ll have to wait one more day! 


A quick note about Monday Brain Exchange- I am putting it on hiatus for the rest of summer.  Summer is just way to jam packed with activities; a few participants emailed me that they would be breaking from it over summer and it got me thinking that it was a good idea to put it on hold.  While the MBE did not have the participation level that I had hoped, I have had a lot of fun with it and from it I have found many great blogs.  I sincerely thank those that played along and that linked it weekly on your blogs.  I hope you will look forward to picking it back up in September. 

12 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend! (And A Note About MBE)

  1. Hope the race went well!! Looks like it was one fun weekend!! Yey, that is awesome when birthday weekends are a blast!! Looking Hot Missy!

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic birthday. I really like your cute birthday outfits. The denim skirt is awesome, as well as the cute sundress.
    I have enjoyed MBE but do think it’s a good idea to take a summer hiatus. 🙂 I’ve slacked off in recent weeks but mostly because I didn’t have a lot to say on the subject. I look forward to it returning in Sept.

  3. Haha I love the drunk face!! i think we all have one of those! usually includes a big smile! Looks like a great weekend!

  4. I am so happy that you had such a fantastic birthday! It looks like you had such a blast! I love the pictures…you look so damn cute in your dress:) Happy 29th Chica!

  5. Happy Birthday! You really do not look that old (not that 29 is old, but you know what I mean).

    And glad to hear about the MBE hiatus. I’ve been feeling so guilty about not participating lately, but I am lucky if I even blog once a week. This no car business leaves me exhausted. Hopefully by the time MBE comes back I’ll be acclimated and can jump back in! 🙂

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