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New Kicks!

Yeah, I think it was time!

Breaking them in at the track!

As always, I tried a few on but in the end I stuck with my trusted Brooks Adrenalines.  They have been with me from the beginning and I love them!  Do you have a trusted shoe or do you switch it up?

17 thoughts on “New Kicks!

  1. Yay, new shoes!!! I love the days when new shoes come out of the box.

    I have a trusted shoe (Asics 21xx series), but do try others occasionally.

  2. track is my fave way to break in sneaks! looks like you had a beautiful day for it. you know i just don’t know what is my magical shoe. i don’t think we’ve met yet. i am pretty happy with nikes that i got a few months ago… i can’t even remember which ones they are. and i also use asics gel 1140s series. but… no sparks! 🙂 just chummy.

  3. Umm… I usually go with Adidas or New Balance but I don’t have a specific model. I just got new Adidas trail shoes in the mail (they didn’t have my size in the store). I was breaking them in yesterday too!

  4. I’ve bought Asics two weeks ago and they are good shoes.

    But I wanted a new pair and guess what I bought online yesterday: Brooks Adrealine 🙂

    If I see it correctly we have the same shoes only mine are blue/white.

    The pair I replaced were Brooks too and I had so much pleasure of those that I wanted a new pair of Brooks too.

  5. I love the new shoes!! I usually wear asics but I was thinking about trying out Brooks this time because I have had some trouble with the women’s asics. I am nervous though about switching.

  6. I have Adrenalines… I am not in love with them, but I keep coming back to them! I’ve been through 6 pairs of them in the past few years! I guess I should just accept the fact that they do treat me well!

  7. Amazing how we get stuck on a running shoe. I tried a bunch of different shoes when I went this year too. And I ended up with exactly the same pair I was retiring. Asics Gel Kahana trail shoes.
    Hey, running is tough enough. We might as well stick with what works for us!

  8. i love my trusty asics kayano 15s but i cant get them anymore 😦 i dont like the update so i had to switch. not so sure how i feel about the new ones yet.

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