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Week In Review- 7/12-7/18

Week in Review; 7/12-/18

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 1000 meters at the pool in the morning; 200 warm up, 300 pull buoy, 400 free swim, 100 cool down.  After work I set out for a bike ride that ended up being cut short at only 5 miles because a storm rolled in! 

Wednesday: About an hour in the morning at the gym.  PT dynamics, ab workout and lifted.

Thursday: 4 miles at the track; 1 mile warm-up walking, 4×800’s, 1 mile walking cool-down.  800’s only averaged about 2:50’s (EDIT: 2:50’s for 400’s!!!!!!! Like I run under a six minute mile!).  My calves were angry and did not want to be at the track.  In addition, it was about 98 degrees that afternoon.  Needless to say, this was not my best day at the track.

Friday: Free swim at the pool- 1350 meters timed.  Probably my best timed swim to date.  I would have swam longer, and planned to do at least a mile, but the rude-pool-hogs aqua-fit class came in and they needed the ENTIRE pool for all 15 of them. UGH!  Have I mentioned how that class ruins my life!!????!

Saturday: Rode 8.5 miles on the bike early in the morning.  Great ride.  I also danced all night at a wedding…a wedding I might add that required me to walk .5 miles to and from the car.  In heels.  Yeah, one mile total in heels.  Oh, and at the wedding I got a kicked in the foot and my ankle took a beating.  I iced it right away but danced all night and did all that walking, so yeah…ankle not happy.  Swollen and sore…check it out…

Sunday: Walked 2.4 miles.  Run was downgraded to walk when I noticed my ankle was twice the size it should be. 

Weekly High: I did not let anything get in my way this week- had to modify a lot and I did it without freaking out!

Weekly Low:  Hurting my ankle…seriously, do I need more issues with my legs/feet? 

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Summer vacation 🙂
  2. New readers- hello everyone, so happy you are here!
  3. Air conditioning…I know I have said it before, but I appreciate that this is a luxury I have, just like heat in the winter.  So many people suffering throught this weather; I know I am lucky.

Quote of the week:  ‎”When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

And a few photos from the wedding:

The dress

The entrance…and my favorite pic of the night

The happy newlyweds!

With the bride and groom 🙂

13 thoughts on “Week In Review- 7/12-7/18

  1. seriously wedding photos are always the best- everyone is so darn happy! i love your dress, too! for having a tough day at teh track you still got your workout in (that was the new kicks day, right?). temps are gonna be a factor in outdoor workouts. too bad i’m not a swimmer,… that’d be cool to do outside 🙂

  2. The wedding pics make me smile, always nice to see happy people.

    Auch your ankle, it’s your pain in the ash so to speak your foot and legs.

    Great workout week as always Jill. You still are such an inspiration to me, thank you for that!

  3. 2:50’s for 800s??? That’s less than a 6 min/mile!!! That’s awesome! I like the wedding pictures, sooooo pretty! And yeah, I hear ya on the enough leg problems…my heel’s a mess. Hope the ankle behaves quickly!!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA0- as IF I run that fast. Total typo- 2:50’s for 400’s. See, bad run. I liked it better when you thought I ran under 6:00 miles!!!! Pft!

  4. That’s a great week leading up to the OLY tri. Glad to see the miles on the bike.

    Also cool that you put in workouts in the heat because it has been relentless!

    Thanks also for the nice feedback on my blog.
    And take care of that ankle!

  5. I just saw your edits to your track workout. I too was thinking that was a really fast 800!! I haven’t run that fast since HS probably. I think my PR in the 800 was about 2:38.

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