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Thanks Be To The Blog World


I am blown away by all your amazingly supportive, thoughtful and loving responses to my post yesterday.  Each one of you who commented touched my heart.  I know, that with all of you amazing readers, I should have expected nothing less…but you all simply knocked me off my feet with your kind words.  It was not an easy post to write…but I am so happy I did.  I received quite a few emails from people who have felt the same way; one reader said I have given her the strength to see a doctor and finally take control back over her life.  Another told me of a story that was very similar to mine.  So many people, through comments and email shared their stories- I loved reading each one.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart ♥

3 thoughts on “Thanks Be To The Blog World

  1. No thanks Jill. We’ve been reading each others blog for about a year now and I appreciate you so much. I love your blog and the things you post and I appreciate your honesty.

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