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I Must Be Crazy

I signed up for this race….

Perhaps there was something in the water at NJ STATE because clearly, I have lost my mind. 

The day after NJ State (clearly still on a crazy finishers high that left me with no wits about myself) my friend/teammate Michelle sent out an email about this race.  No joke, within three hours there were 8 of us signed up and by the end of the day we had a hotel room to make it a weekend adventure!  I have done Mud Runs before but this is not your ordinary mud run! 

Joe over at Joe Is Running For Dom, is also crazy enough to do this race when it is in his area.  (Lucky for Joe, it comes to Maryland before Texas, so he will be able to read my report.)  Of course…Joe is a man, taller than 5 foot and a super speedy runner.  Me, notsomuch any of that!  Oh, and did I mention this all takes place one week before my Baltimore half-marathon!  Good thing Baltimore is just for fun, right!  This is going to be one for the record books! 

Oh, and don’t be jealous of swag, including the super cool warrior helmet (circa Adventures in Babysitting) that I will win when I cross that finish line!

Anyone else becoming a Warrior this year??

22 thoughts on “I Must Be Crazy

  1. I’ve heard about this! It’s off the charts crazy! Have a blast and take pics! Or well, take before and after and have a great race report so we can relive the mayhem!

  2. I saw the website for this – i was even thinking of signing up but I don’t think it fits into my schedule! Should be a fun race though!

  3. Jill – Congratulations! I have the Austin Warrior Dash circled on my race calendar in much heavier ink than the Austin Marathon or any other race this year.

    I am going to be pumping you for every bit of information I can – so make sure that race report is a great one!

    Just think how much better you will be than me in the water events! Best from Austin, J

  4. My boyfriend did this race in Georgia in May. He said it was crazy and the most difficult thing he’s ever done but it was a lot of fun.

  5. Hi Jill,
    You are going to have so much fun!!! I love the racing swag and who wouldn’t want to have the warrior helmet:) BTW, the Adventures in Babysitting is one of my daughter’s favorite movies! Wasn’t that made in the late eighties?

    I will be expecting all kinds of fab pictures…mud and all:)

  6. I’ve checked out the website and that’s going to be so much fun for you!

    I’ve mentioned this on another blog too; we don’t have fun races like that in Holland. It’s all “boring” straight runs. Hmmmm …. maybe emigrate to the USA?

  7. This is the perfect race to be spontaneous.

    And we’d think you were crazy if you hadn’t previously mentioned that little tid bit about being a veteran Sky Diver!

    Oh man, I hope your mom gets some great pictures from this one.

  8. No freakin’ way!!! I’ve seen the Warrior Dash advertised (I even wrote a brief post about how crazy it looks) and thought it sounded too insane for me, but at the back of my mind there was still a little “Well… maybe…”

    I am stoked to see the pictures and review of this one!

    (Love the Adventures in Babysitting reference, I have seen that movie way too many times!)

  9. They had one of those out here in June and I really wanted to do it. It sounds like such a blast. I can’t wait to read about it. Take lots of pics! 😀

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