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Week In Review- 7/26-8/1

Week in Review; 7/26-8/1

(Yes, I realize I am posting this on a Saturday, however I am racing tomorrow therefore I can include the race into my week in review since a full report will follow.  Oh, and because it is my blog and I do what I want 🙂 )

Monday: Rode for 9.5 miles after work.  Pleasantly surprised at how good my legs felt after the weekend!

Tuesday: 800 meters in the pool.  100 warm-up, 200 meter kick set, 500 meter free swim.  Really strong swim but had to cut it short because I was running late that morning.

Wednesday: PT active dynamics and 45 minutes lifting in the morning and then 2.5 mile run after work- super hot!  Last short run before half-marathon training officially begins.

Thursday: Planned rest day.

Friday: Rest day- not planned…just started off lazy and then was out all day.  I had plans at night so I never quite got it together for a workout. 

Saturday: Did not want to go into a race day with three days off but also did not want to push it right before a race.  Therefore, I opted to take a leisure bike ride with mom down by the river and around town. Ended up being about 5 miles and even though it wasn’t anything hardcore, it got my legs spinning.

Sunday: Belmar Sprint Tri.  Race report to follow!

Weekly High: I signed a lease on a new place 🙂 WOO HOO!!!!

Weekly Low:  Lets face it, my workouts this week were less than stellar.  I won’t even lie…weeks like this, I am embarrassed to even post a review!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. All of you 🙂  Your wonderful comments on my Full Disclosure post mean more than you know!
  2. My PT- even though I no longer go to her on the regular, she offered to tape me for last weeks race and is always there for me when I have questions and/or concerns.
  3. Friends- I had a good friend really come through for me this week…I am forever thankful.

Quote of the week:  “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 thoughts on “Week In Review- 7/26-8/1

  1. Congrats on the new place!! An i think posting is helping even if you didn’t hit the goals, it’ll keep ya motivated for the next week 🙂 See we all support you high weeks and low weeks!!
    Have an awesome race!

  2. You should post your weekly review even though you’re not satisfied with your results. You are doing so much better than I. July has been the first month of this year I actually reached my workout goals and I’ve posted all the months I didn’t reach them too.

    Look forward to your race report of today. Good luck.

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