Week In Review- 7/12-7/18

Week in Review; 7/12-/18

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 1000 meters at the pool in the morning; 200 warm up, 300 pull buoy, 400 free swim, 100 cool down.  After work I set out for a bike ride that ended up being cut short at only 5 miles because a storm rolled in! 

Wednesday: About an hour in the morning at the gym.  PT dynamics, ab workout and lifted.

Thursday: 4 miles at the track; 1 mile warm-up walking, 4×800’s, 1 mile walking cool-down.  800’s only averaged about 2:50’s (EDIT: 2:50’s for 400’s!!!!!!! Like I run under a six minute mile!).  My calves were angry and did not want to be at the track.  In addition, it was about 98 degrees that afternoon.  Needless to say, this was not my best day at the track.

Friday: Free swim at the pool- 1350 meters timed.  Probably my best timed swim to date.  I would have swam longer, and planned to do at least a mile, but the rude-pool-hogs aqua-fit class came in and they needed the ENTIRE pool for all 15 of them. UGH!  Have I mentioned how that class ruins my life!!????!

Saturday: Rode 8.5 miles on the bike early in the morning.  Great ride.  I also danced all night at a wedding…a wedding I might add that required me to walk .5 miles to and from the car.  In heels.  Yeah, one mile total in heels.  Oh, and at the wedding I got a kicked in the foot and my ankle took a beating.  I iced it right away but danced all night and did all that walking, so yeah…ankle not happy.  Swollen and sore…check it out…

Sunday: Walked 2.4 miles.  Run was downgraded to walk when I noticed my ankle was twice the size it should be. 

Weekly High: I did not let anything get in my way this week- had to modify a lot and I did it without freaking out!

Weekly Low:  Hurting my ankle…seriously, do I need more issues with my legs/feet? 

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Summer vacation 🙂
  2. New readers- hello everyone, so happy you are here!
  3. Air conditioning…I know I have said it before, but I appreciate that this is a luxury I have, just like heat in the winter.  So many people suffering throught this weather; I know I am lucky.

Quote of the week:  ‎”When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

And a few photos from the wedding:

The dress

The entrance…and my favorite pic of the night

The happy newlyweds!

With the bride and groom 🙂

New Kicks!

Yeah, I think it was time!

Breaking them in at the track!

As always, I tried a few on but in the end I stuck with my trusted Brooks Adrenalines.  They have been with me from the beginning and I love them!  Do you have a trusted shoe or do you switch it up?

Maximus Wins & The Going Places Award…

Ok, this post is about three weeks ricidulously overdue.  Way back like a million years ago, Jamoosh held a little contest…a turtle naming contest for his Last Mile Brewing logo.  There was some fierce competition. And I won!  As if just winning (and being the one to name his logo turtle) wasn’t enough, I came home to find this gem in my mailbox 🙂  A Last Mile Brewing water bottle.  And look who is on it- Maximus! Score!

Don’t be jealous!  Actually, on second thought…no, go ahead and be jealous 🙂

Around this same time I was also given the Going Places Award from Suzy.  I’m supposed to tell you where I hope to be in ten years, then pass it along to ten bloggers.  This is not the “official award banner” but I liked it and thought it fit! 

In ten years I hope to be…

  • a homeowner
  • a half-ironman finisher
  • a marathon finisher
  • a wife
  • a mommy of one or two
  • the holder of a Masters Degree
  • working in a career I love
  • more financially sound
  • a free-lance writer
  • happy in whatever I am doing

The truth is, I have no idea where I will be in ten years!  I can tell you this much…ten years ago I would have never thought I would be where I am now!  In the end, the only thing I really want, is to be happy.  And to have fun.  At the end of the day, I want to have truly lived!

And ten bloggers:

Jill @ Jill Will Run

Jill @ Run With Jill

Kim @ IlaxStudio

Julie @ Julie’s Running Blog

Meg @ Meg Runs

Jamoosh @ Last Mile Lounge

Andrea @ Age Groups Rock

Fran @ Dutch Girl Gets Healthy

Katie @ One Run At A Time

Rick @ Marathon Man Runs Again


Hope everyone has a great weekend- unfortunately, due to a series of events that were all out of my control, I will not be participating in BOMF relay.  Our relay team pretty much fell apart (literally!) and it just couldn’t come together in time.  I feel sad and I am bummed but I am trying to think of it as a sign that perhaps I needed the rest.  The following weekend is NJState, my biggest race of the summer…maybe I need this weekend to not race.  To those who are racing GOOD LUCK!!!!  Instead of racing this weekend I will be attending a concert on Friday night and my friend Bill’s wedding on Saturday night.  I am still staying busy busy and of course I will post photos!  Thanks again for all the happy birthday wishes, for all the props on my duathlon this past weekend and for being a continuous amazing support system! 

Philadelphia Women’s Race Report

Wake up call…4am!


Distances: 1.9 mile run, 17.5 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Same story as last year.  Due to rain the night before which left the river riddled with debris and a heavy current (and probably due to high alert after the death at Philly Tri two weeks prior) the race was changed from a triathlon to a duathlon.


Kept it simple.  I packed the night before so all I had to do when I got up is shower, pull my hair back, eat and go.  5am and we were off…coffee is a must!  Drive over was uneventful; got there early enough to get good parking, made our way down the hill to the park and got situated.  I got my transition all set up while my mom went off to take photos.  While I was racking I saw many of my teammates.  A lot of us were in the same row, which we named the “bitch rack” after not one, but two girls came up and made comments about how some people were racked.  Seriously…this isn’t Kona!  Anyway, my bike was being funny and making a weird noise, so my friend Kate checked it out for me- even though it turned out nothing was wrong it gave me major peace of mind and I know it made a difference in my race.  Right before the start, I got really nervous and for reasons I still cannot figure out, I started to break down a little.  Found my mom, had a little cry, got a pep talk from her and was good to go!  Thank goodness for moms ♥


Run: 18:54- 9:57 avg. 533/680

Went out in our “swim” waves…I was in the fourth wave so we only had to wait 15 minutes to start!  First run was good…I went out WAY too fast though and by the turn-around I had to slow it down just a bit.  Ran the entire thing…no walking…felt strong.  Good run.

What I would do differently: Seriously, I need to learn how to pace myself. 

T1: 2:15

I got in and I got out.  Put on my helmet…ate some clif bloks and was on my way!

Bike: 1:09:55- 14.9mph avg. 600/680

 Once I reached the street I ran up with my bike a little to avoid being in anyone’s way.  I mounted and started off.  I was in a group with a few girls I could tell were apprehensive like me and we were all just taking our time.  Then some asshole yells out “hey shleps…make a decision” to which all of us were like “whoa!”  As it turns out, shlep yeller actually sucked on the bike and I never saw her again once I got going.  UGH!  Anyway, the bike was really good for me.  At times, going downhill, I had myself at 21mph which is HUGE for me.  I was making an effort not to dip below 14mph they entire way; the only time I struggled with keeping pace was going up the bridge…holy tough on my quads! 

My second loop was about 2 minutes faster than my first loop but for the most part I felt consistent.  In every race I have done thus far in which the bike course loops, I get faster which each loop.  I’ll take it! 

In the end, I was so overjoyed at how well I did…I made it through the whole bike going faster than I ever did for that many miles before, was able to drink from my water bottle a number of times, take a GU while riding and I dismounted without problems.  If you take away the time it took me to mount and then run in from the dismount, I know I averaged over 15mph.  And while I understand how slow that is for most…for me…it was like being the fastest biker ever!  At first I was bummed because I didn’t actually realize how well I was doing.  This girl…me…I biked faster than 80 other people!

What I would do differently:  I still have to work on dismounting.  I did okay, as in…I did not fall, but I still need to practice.  It totally slowed down my time on the bike. 

T2: 2:30

Legs were dead- moving as fast as I could but felt like I was in slow motion.  I saw my mom and called her over to the transition fence- she told me how well I was doing and I was kind of shocked, but it helped me because it got me moving again!  Ate a GU, drank down some water and got out!

Run: 38:58- 12:34 avg. 589/680

 So…do I even need to say anything here?  The run friggen sucked!  I had a cramp in my calf and could hardly walk let alone run.  I walked the entire first mile!  The whole thing.  Over 15 minutes of walking in the first mile.  I was really upset and starting to break down inside…I started running tree to tree, pole to pole…whatever kept me moving forward.  It was hot, I was hurting and I wanted to be done!  Then, just after the turnaround, the coolest thing ever happened: someone recognized me from my blog!!!!!  All the sudden I hear “Hey Jill, I read your blog, go Jill” and I was like “heeeeeyyyy” but I didn’t really catch the face.  The whole way back to the finish I kept wondering who it was and it kept me motivated to get my butt across the finish line.  With one mile left to go, I knew a PR was possible and I just gave it my all.  As I came through the shoot my mom was yelling “gun it, goooo, push” and I was trying to hard and I felt like I wasn’t even moving and I was pushing and I just could not sprint!  My legs would not have it!  I still made it across with a PR though which was AWESOME obviously!!!!

What I would do different:  You know, the calf thing was kind of out of my control.  I do plan to wear my compression socks during my next race though and see if that helps with the cramping.

Post Race: 

Immediately went looking for the massage tent, only to find out it was a “team only” thing…what?!?!?!….so then I made my way to the med tent where the nicest man ever massaged out my cramped up pissed off calf.  Ahhh…much better!  When that was done, I went and found my mom! Hugs!!!  Then over to the TT Tent where we had sooooo many goodies.  Lots of fruit and cookies and drinks and etc.  I ate a ridiculous amount of food! At one point this girl comes up to me and introduces me as the girl from the run who reads my blog.  Her name is Jen.  She doesn’t have a blog but has been reading mine almost from the beginning.  Seriously, how awesome is that?!?!?  She went on to say a bunch of nice things about me and my blog which really went even further in making my day!  (Shout out to you Jen- YOU ARE AWESOME!)  After some photos and transition clean-up I called it a day.  Packed it in and headed home, where my mom and I proceeded to go to breakfast and I housed an egg sandwhich and mound of potatoes in less than five minutes!  And then it was time for a nap- ahhh 🙂

Overall:  2:12:30; 592/680

This is the first race, other than some 5k’s, where I was actually able to compare from a previous year.  The night before the race I looked at my race report from last year and it reminded me of a few things I wanted to do differently.  I wanted faster transitions, a better bike and I wanted to do better with my nutrition.  I accomplished all of that!  Last year both of my run’s were faster but this year I did SO MUCH better on the bike and kicked ass in my transitions as well.  The end result was a 2:30 PR!  Honestly, I expected more of myself (when don’t I?) but with that said I am so very proud of that PR.  That isn’t just any PR…that is a sentiment to all the work I put into getting better after injury.  And I have come so far on the bike; I feel like that alone is reason to celebrate!  At the end of the day, I left everything I had on that course.  It might not have been exactly what I wanted, but I can walk away saying I gave it my best. 


Eaarrrrllly! TT girls 🙂

Yeah, I totally did not wear the tri suit! Annnnd my eyes are shut!

Kate and I- teammates and friends 🙂

See the circle?  That’s my visor- at the start line; my mom edited so you can see me 🙂

One run done…booking through transition!

Coming in from the bike!

In T2- trying to be fast!

Headed to the finish!!!

Sign for this years Tri’s; my cousin Allie made it

My biggest fan ♥

OneLittleTriGirl did the DU!

Birthday Weekend! (And A Note About MBE)

Wow- what a weekend I just had!  Seriously, I had so much fun this entire weekend.  Summer is flying!!!!

I celebrated my birthday ALL DAY Friday- I told you, I love birthdays!  And yes Jamoosh, I really am 29!!!!  A little recap of the day, photo style:

Breakfast at the Pop Shop- local hot spot around here with AMAZING french toast.  They are known for their grilled cheese sandwhiches…they even beat out Bobby Flay when he came here to do a throwdown for his show!

Dinner at Iron Hill Brewery- one of my most favorite places!

Key Lime Pie- YUM!!!!!!

Celebrating with besties 🙂

Teammates ♥

Quite a few of those happening!

This would be my drunk face…

The night was so much fun- a lot of people came out…I drank more than I have in a year I think and we took 23978 photos!  Probably my best birthday in recent years!

The next day I had to pull myself together (which was NOT easy) and get over to the expo for packet pick-up.  We were told that there was a high chance of a DU because of all the rain we were getting.  Bummer, but the truth is, I was glad to know in advance.  Even though I was not happy about a DU, at least I wasn’t dissapointed the next day.  They told us it wasn’t definite but most of us knew in our hearts it would not be a Tri. 

After the expo I came home and slept off some of the night before and then headed over to my friend Sarah’s 30th birthday.  I couldn’t stay long because my friend Darek was in town from CT and I hadn’t seen him since Christmas.  He was at a mutual friends house for a BBQ so I stopped by for a little before heading home to pack for the race.  I was exhausted but could not sleep.  I think I finally drifted off around 1:30am or so which made the 4am wake up call pretty brutal.

As for the actual race report…well, you’ll have to wait one more day! 


A quick note about Monday Brain Exchange- I am putting it on hiatus for the rest of summer.  Summer is just way to jam packed with activities; a few participants emailed me that they would be breaking from it over summer and it got me thinking that it was a good idea to put it on hold.  While the MBE did not have the participation level that I had hoped, I have had a lot of fun with it and from it I have found many great blogs.  I sincerely thank those that played along and that linked it weekly on your blogs.  I hope you will look forward to picking it back up in September. 

Because I Need A Nap…

This is all I have for now:

Once again, due to rain, this was changed from a Tri to a Du…

Had a great first run…

Kicked ASS on the bike…

Rocked my transitions…

As for that second run, not so great…

…in the end, happy…

4 Minute PR!!!!!!!

Full race report coming soon!

Oh…and THANKS SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes…I had a grrrreeeeaaaaatttt weekend!  I’ll post some photos soon!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I am 29 as of midnight EST- I officially begin celebrating the last year in my 20’s today 🙂 

Yes, I still get excited over birthdays.  I know the appropriate age to get over birthday parties is around 12, but I love them and love celebrating.  It is the one day of the year dedicated to ME 🙂  How can I not love that?!?!?!?!

This years birthday festivities include dinner with my parents at one of my most favorite places, Iron Hill Brewery.  That will be followed by a night out with some family and friends on the deck at a local bar.  Then it is go-time for Philly Women’s triathlon; the expo is Saturday and race day Sunday.  First tri of the season and my birthday all on the same weekend…holy excitement!

When I was growing up, each year on my birthday at 7:11pm, the time I was born, my mom would take my photo; she did this for 18 years…here are a few of those over the years:



I am honestly excited about turning 29…I feel like my 30’s are going to be good for me.  I don’t feel old at all…I feel like everything will come together in my 30’s and all the crap of my 20’s will officially be behind me.  So when I say I plan to celebrate being 29, I am serious!  Let the celebration begin 🙂

Oh…and as if my birthday wasn’t already super awesome enough…Kara Goucher was born today too 🙂