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The July Review

I feel like a broken record saying this…but summer is flying!  How can it already be August?!?!?

The Stats-

Swimming:  8.800 meters total.  Swims are a mix of timed 200′s 400′s and 800′s, different drills and free swims.  They always include a warm-up and/or a cool-down.  Definitely did not swim enough this month, however the quality of my swim is high.  I have consistently improved over the last few months and more so since this time last year.  Grade B+

Biking:  91.7 miles.  I killed it this month on the bike- conquered my fear of riding with a group and did a crazy amount of miles in comparison to previous months.  The work I am putting in, is evident in my racing…I am getting so much more confident, and thereby better!  Grade A+

Running: 15 miles and 13.9 miles walking.  This is still WAY less than I want to be doing but I did try to take it easy with mile run this month with half-marathon training starting in August.  Looking forward to hitting more pavement as I continue to feel much better post-injury.  Grade B-

Strength:  2 measly hours total…all month.  Confession: I don’t love lifting. UGH!  Grade D

Goals Grades/Assessment-

  • Stretch More- This is now simply a part of my life. Every day. Grade A+
  • Up the Mileage-  not with running, but yes with walking.  Grade C
  • Two-A-Days- Averaging about two a week.  Thats pretty solid. Grade A-
  • Eat Consistently- Yeah, consistenly bad!  Too many happy hours and bbq’s! Grade C-
  • No Soda- Not a one! Grade A+
  • No Scale- Maybe a handful of times, but like I said last month…since I know I am gained I tend to stay off it Grade B

Overall Grade B+;  I am happy with this month- solid workouts, three races and only seven rest days. 

And a Meme:

Current Book: I am not currently reading a book which is kind of odd for me.  I am however starting my “downtheshore” collection.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  I love Katy Perry’s California Girl’s and jam big time.  Only problem is, she got it wrong cause clearly, Jersey Girls are the best 🙂

Current Colors: Blue for TEAM TRIUMPH!

Current Obsessions: vanilla ice cream with chocolate jimmies

Current Drink: water water water

Current Song: See guilty pleasure

Current Wish-List:  I am totally ready for some race bars on my bike!

Current Need: To have my calves massaged!

 Current Triumph:  Overcoming my fears and having not one, but two PR’s this month!

Current Bane of my Existence: Calf pain- UGH!

Current Goal: Sucessful half-marathon training

Current Blessing: Amazingly supportive family and friends

 Current Excitement: I head downtheshore at the end of the month!  I hate wishing summer away but I LIVE for this vacation- can.not.wait!

Belmar Race Report coming soon…it’s gonna be a good one- OneLittleTriGirl got herself a KILLER PR 🙂

10 thoughts on “The July Review

  1. Hi Jill,
    You did great this month! You had a very solid month of training!

    I also love that song by Katy Perry…California Girls:) When my hubby and I were in California we must of heard that song on the radio three to four times a day!

  2. I agree that Jersey girls are the best because you’ve proven it and of course Bruce also believes that 🙂

    If you want to read a good book, try the Millennium triogoly by Stieg Larsson. I was surprised how good these books were!

    Well done on a great month!

  3. Calf pain sucks!!! Hey nice month with all the Tri training. I totally agree when the heck did it become August already?!!! Whhhhhaaattt!!!

  4. Just reading “Down the Shore” made me smile here in TX. Man, do I miss those summers.

    Just don’t miss the winters!

    Congrats on an awesome July! You are really rocking the training right now. That half doesn’t stand a chance!

    Best, J

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