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Week In Review- 8/2-8/8

Week in Review; 8/2-8/8

Monday: 4 mile power-walk after work.  I really wanted to run but planned to walk anyway because my legs were still quite sore from Belmar. 

Tuesday: Headed to the gym in the morning for a 45 minute lift session (arms, abs) and then went for a 6.3 mile bike ride around town after work.

Wednesday: 1000 meter swim before work.  For like the third week in a row, I could not get it together to get out of the house on time!  Still managed a good swim for being short on time; 100 warm up, 200 kickset, 400 free, 200 buoy, 100 cool down.

Thursday: Planned rest day.

Friday: 3 mile run, although close to a mile was probably walking.  I took a little outdoor tour of my new neighborhood so I went back and forth from running to walking as I explored the area.  So pretty- three lakes, quite shaded streets…I am going to LOVE running around! 

Saturday: Planned rest day. 

Sunday: Steelman Tri- I was the swimmer for a Oly relay.  1550 meter swim.  Did I PR?  If you are on my FB you already know, but if not…guess you’ll have to wait for the race report 🙂  After a post-race nap I headed out for a bike ride.  Did a few leisure miles with mom and then took off on my own.  Total of 10 miles.  Good ride. 

Weekly High: I spent Friday at the pool.  Score one for Fridays off, laying poolside…sweet summertime!

Weekly Low:  Half-marathon was supposed to start…clearly that did not happen.  Must happen this week!!!!

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. SPF!  Seriously, those hours spent at the pool…I am SO BURNT (just on my stomach…off) and I wore sunscreen!  Thank God I did too because I don’t even want to know what I would look like without having worn any!
  2. People who want to do relays with me.  Let’s face it, I am not the fastest racer…the fact that my teammates are into having a good time, with winning of non-importance, is so nice.  I love relays!
  3. One more month of summer…it is going to fast but at least I still have 3.5 weeks until the kids come back!

Quote of the week:  Nothing will work unless you do. – John Wooden

11 thoughts on “Week In Review- 8/2-8/8

  1. I love relays! My family has talked about doing a tri relay but it’s never come to fruition. My favorite track events in hs were always the relays.

  2. Hi Jill,
    I think that you had a great week! Look at all of the swimming that you got in:) Also, I can’t even really remember the last time I sat pool side….just chilling:) Maybe sometime next week!

    I would love to do a relay sometime too:) They sound like a blast!

  3. how do you feel the rest of the day after you swim in the AM??

    i am definitely interested in doing a relay!!! i wish i had friends who would swim 🙂 i would definitely run and prob not bike for a relay cuz i don’t do the whole clippy shoe things 🙂

    • I think the swim is the least tiring workout…generally I feel great the rest of the day. Sometimes, I actually feel like I should do more, like swimming isn’t enough. That is also why, in general, my two-a-days involve swimming.

      PS- One great thing about it in the summer, is I don’t have to dry my hair and it keeps me cooler in the heat.

  4. Great workout week Jill! I see you have to update your 2010 completed races in your sidebar!

    Be careful with the sunburn. I heard a story last week that a girl here in Holland who used factor 30 for sunscreen had first degree burning wounds at a concert.

  5. Hey anyone that can swim that much is awesome in my book! i really need to get in on that swimming action. Too many things, too little time and money 😦
    Can you believe its august already!! Crazy! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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