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A Night At The Track & Randomness

It dawned on me recently that most of my posts throughout the summer have been race reports and week in reviews.  (Have I put you to sleep yet with the mediocrity???)  What better way to get back to the basics than with a list format post- yeah list format 🙂

But first…I have to tell you all about my amazing track workout from Thursday.  Let me set the scene: had the track pretty much to myself.  My team does a weekly track workout but I was early so I got started by myself.  It had rained earlier and while there was still humidity, I had a nice breeze.  I have a 5k coming up and I am really determined to beat or get close to my time from last year.  Last year…you know…when I was basically at my peak–> perfect weight, no injuries, running amazing…etc.  I feel like if I can run close to what I did last year it will be a testament to how far I have come this year through all the crap.  So I set out with a goal to do two 4×400’s at a 9 minute pace.  I warmed up with some stretches, a slow two laps around the track and some bleacher running.  And what happened next even blew my mind…

 1- 2:04 1:57 1:59 2:06

You see that right- TWO 400’s under two minutes.  And a total of 8:06.  REALLY?? Did I seriously run that- yes I did!!! Woooohoooo!

2- 2:06 2:05 1:48 2:14

Gee, can you guess when my teammates showed up?!?  Haha.  My teammate Ryan challenged me to run one lap with him.  He runs 1:30 400’s and I was already kind of out of gas so I had no idea how I would do but I was really pleased to pull a 1:48.  Of course, I followed it with a 2:14, so clearly I bonked!!  Still…8:13…after an 8:06…who is this girl????

Annnnnd list:

  • Yeah, so that track workout was awesome- however, my legs are STILL feeling it and I have 5 miles on deck for tomorrow.  Totally pushed it- felt great but next week I will be bringing it down a notch!
  • Fran mentioned that I need to update my sidebar- so true!  I am like two months behind!  I need to get on that for real…gotta get all my PR’s in 🙂
  • This is a non-race weekend.  I won’t lie, I am enjoying the break!
  • I entered into Jamoosh’s HARD CORE CLUB because…well, I am friggen hardcore obviously.  But also because I like to be held accountable and I am tired of my jeans being to tight in the waist.  So yeah, one week down and I am not only alive but kicking ass and taking names.  HCC-bring.it.on.  I’ll be bouncing quarters off these abs in no time.  At least I better be after all this ab torture!!!!
  • Teachers come back in two weeks- kids come back in three weeks. LALALALALALALA I don’t want to think about it!
  • Today was our Team 5 year anniversary picnic.  Small turnout which was a disappointment but those of us who did go had a blast!  I cannot remember the last time I went down water slides, jumped off high dives and just swam around for fun.  We had great weather and it was an overall good day!
  • I leave for vacation soon and I cannot wait.  I got downtheshore for three weekends straight and it is BLISS!
  • Don’t forget to enter my give-a-way here 🙂

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend 🙂

18 thoughts on “A Night At The Track & Randomness

  1. Nice job on the track workout, girlie!! So fun that you are enjoying it. The soreness will be old news once you get with a routine on those. And yikes, I’ve been away and not doing the Jamoosh core workout yet…got to do that tomorrow! I am back to school on Tuesday…so not loking forward to it. OH well. Have a great trip soon :).

  2. track work is so rewarding!!! glad you had some teammates there eventually 🙂 good job!!!

    and hooray for a fun vaca coming up!

  3. Hi Jill,
    Yea, you had a little track workout! I am jealous! God, I really wish Kay’s track would be open on the weekends…I would be so on that! You did awesome with your 400s! I ran the 400 for track in highschool and my PR was 59 seconds. There is no way in hell that I could do that now….not a chance:) You did great and rocked your workout! It was nice of some friends to challenge you and make you push it a little. Keep it up!

  4. Great track workout Jill!

    And that’s a nice thing to look forward to: your vacation!

    I need to work on those abs too! Running is good as always but strength training still sucks here.

  5. Wow, you crushed those 400’s.
    And if you were planning to run 9min/mi pace, I think you’re gonna similarly crush your 5K.

    Keep working hard, you’ve really done great this summer.

  6. the hcc! i hope it goes well for you. i can’t commit or else i am destined to fail, but i am hoping to do the exercises on my own for some results. as far as jeans being too tight, hello, sag them a little and let that belly-tongue hang over the top. that’s how i roll.

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