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Gonna Get Crazy Around Here…

I feel like one out of every five of my posts begins with “I cannot believe how fast the summer is going” but it is so true.  This might have been the fastest summer ever!  And the next month or so is going to be Crazy with a capital C!

I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I up and stopped blogging- don’t need any broken bloggy hearts around here 😉 so here’s the low down incase I go missing for days at a time.

  • I am moving back out on my own- WOOOHOOO!  Living back at home after being out for three years was not easy.  My parents are easy people and I get along with them great…but me being back was tough on us all in different ways.  I always felt in the way and they both felt bad because they knew it was not my ideal situation.  But we made it work for over six months and here I am getting ready to head back out!  I am going to be living with a teammate of mine, who is also a friend, and we are both very excited!
    • Moving out in September is perhaps the WORST TIMING EVER!  I would have loved to move in either August or October.  However, we found the most perfect condo and would have been stupid to pass it up.  So despite the fact that I am on vacation for three weekends in September and Michelle (the roomie) is away one weekend, we are moving.  I will be moving in on a Tuesday night (could I get more random?) during the first week of school being back in session (I really am crazy!) while trying to keep up with training!  I think I need a nap after just typing that sentence!!!!
  • Yeah you heard me…this girl is finally taking a vacation.  Much needed for sure!  I’ll be soaking up the sun, laying poolside in Wildwood.  Ahhh, love! The thing is, because my vacation falls during the start of school, I have to travel back and forth for work.  No joke.  That is, by the way, the irony of my life.  Vacation looks like this:
    • Head down Saturday…stay until Tuesday.  I took Monday off work- my one and only day off (outside obviously of weekends) all summer.  I’ll come right from the shore and go to work Tuesday morning.  Then I’ll leave right from work on Friday and stay over the holiday weekend.  Again, I’ll come right from the shore to work on Tuesday.  The final weekend I took off Friday and will head down Thursday after work.  Then I will come home on Sunday afternoon.  Yes, it is hectic…and a lot of driving (1.5-2 hours each way, each time) but it is so worth it!  Worth.Every.Minute! 
    • While I am on vacation, I will not be getting lazy.  I am actually doing a Tri this Saturday before I leave.  I also have a 7-mile race on the 5th of September.  Obviously, in addition to this I will be keeping up with my weekly workouts as best as possible. 
  • And the dreaded start of the school year!  The craziness there has already begun.  Parents calling, teachers complaining and kids whining.  I am drowning in paperwork, feel like I am going to lose my mind and working very long days without lunches.  This time of the year is the absolute worst for me.  I get little sleep, I stress out and feel overwhelmed.  Somehow though, it all comes together in the end.  (Thank God for vacation!)
  • The end of September is PDR (yeah yeah, Philly Rock and Roll…but it will always be PDR to me!) which I hope I am ready for.  Ia m still toying with changing around my fall race schedule but haven’t been able to come to a clear decision yet.  Thinking about defering Baltimore to next year and giving myslelf a break in between PDR and Philly half.  However, I am also thinking of keeping Baltimore and just not doing Philly.  Ack- I hate making decisions!

So there you have it…the next few weeks will probably be full of short posts, blurbits and little commenting.  I will have my laptop on vacation but I try not to be on it too much while I am away.  Just know, while I am kicking it poolside with a glass of white wine after having slept in…I will be thinking of you all 🙂

22 thoughts on “Gonna Get Crazy Around Here…

  1. i am such a home body i miss living at home with my parents!!!! i know that seems strange for a 27 year old to say 🙂 hehe. it’s just so easy + relaxing 🙂

  2. Good luck with your move and the beginning of the school year. You’ll survive. 🙂
    Enjoy your vacation!! I have vacation coming up as well down in OBX.

  3. these are just great news all around – your own apartment, vacation (and busy at work is sort of good, right? lol), and racing! Have fun with it all! And post photos of your new place!

  4. Hey you….that’s great you’re getting a place with a friend and moving on. My daughter is going to live at home this school year and though I love her to pieces, it is just another challenge fitting in things around her schedule and such. But I will miss her deeply when she does move out again. Have a blast on the vacation, even if you have to go back and forth to work. Vacation is Vacation, so wish I were going with you!!! Hugs!!

  5. Yay for a new place! Enjoy moving! It will be great once you get settled! Sounds like your September is going to be a crazy month!!

  6. uh oh, jill is being released into the wild!! watch out jersey! snookie’s got nothin’ on her 🙂

    have a wonderfullll vacation and good luck moving… september is such a nice, hot month for moving haha.

  7. Girl I get tired alone by reading this. You’re going to be one busy girl in September.

    Congrats on your new place, hope you have a wonderful time in your new home.

    I hope you are going to enjoy your vacation, you really deserve it!

    I’ve read an article last night in the Dutch Runner’s World about the San Diego R&R marathon and it sounds so much fun. I also read they are working on organizing a few in Europe. If I can I will definitely think of doing one.

  8. I moved out at age 19 and would be even more insane if I had to move back. So, I was pretty poor for a few years there, but it was worth it. That is to say, I completely appreciate your desire to move out, despite less-than-ideal timing.
    As far as work being a PIA, you’re right, Vacation is the solution!

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